Nothing is my Religion

Just as Postman’s are every other day’s Santa Claus

And anything slightly out of the ordinary is related back to Alice in Wonderland

Is there really such thing as fantasy?

Or just a Nutra-bullet (payed off in 6 easy instalments) blending reality to different ratio’s

False advertising for turning OrdinaryLife into SuperLife

But at over 10,000 RPM shouldn’t we all start blending extracting from life quality nutrients

pre-packaged wonderland watercress leaks stagnant swamps, before the year warranty is up

leaving newly paired lemon scents sceptical (hopefully) and weighed down with a back pack of heavy soiled responsibility


6 responses to Nothing is my Religion

  1. Kim

    Well written! Once I became attuned to the understanding that reality and everything in it is socially constructed I became aware of how I construct my own reality. The many illusions we implicitly or explicitly integrate into our own meanings of reality is, in fact, the means through which we create our reality. Through choice. Be aware.

    • jessiemartinovic – Author

      Thanks Kim , yes I too agree with you! Awareness is key, and a moment to moment delicate process. I like to think of it as walking a tight rope, that gets thinner and more delicate the better you get at balancing . Illusions seem to just peel off without much effort down the thinner end , and you can’t help but look back at the others and want to throw a lifeline 🙂

    • jessiemartinovic – Author

      Thanks Risty Rath (confused , yes me too) it’s the inkblots , I swear , they can control thoughts

  2. My whirling nutri-bullet has convinced me there is no fantasy – all is fantasy. Feeling well-fed by that notion, I’m more relaxed about what is and what isn’t reality. It’s all, well, fantastic!
    Give that thought a whirl and let me know how it lands for you.

    • Human – Author

      Thank you Vincent for your words, Its a nice place to be isn’t it, when everything just . is.

      As is. It is what it is.

      I am, this is.

      Peace of Mind 🙂

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