A Person Note

To you from here,

On a more personal note.

Within the last few months there has been a whirlwind of change. Much has been lost. And yes some found, or more so uncovered. The most conspicuous missing is the ‘I’, the ‘me’ or ‘my’. Reading about and conceptualising such phenomena is one thing, but observing and experiencing it leave is quite another. Some people deliberately write from such perspective, as first person is seen as somewhat easy? Personally, writing from such places as I and me in the past were top priority, providing direct accounts and experience with readers. Direct dialogue. Direct communication. Using terms as me and I didn’t cause much bother.

Although, as of late, the I in the true sense of the word seems to have vanished. The supposed I that was I has no identity. No relative identity, anyway. It seems to have been lost. Along with caring what others think. Sometime it arises, looking as though it were the elephant in the room. Sometimes staring back from its screen position on the page, hoping to cause some emotional response. It doesn’t. It looks as limp as limp would look if it were limp.

Recent writings have been somewhat mysteriously elusive, and probably utmost confusing. This was not something the before I wanted to conjure. The aim was not to confuse. Yet what seems to be oozing from recent musings, makes little if any sense to anyone. Including the writer writing this. Sometimes.

Although, blog post conception through to birth, is a keyboard tap dance toward a moment ofย Eureka! And then after that it’s Midas touch dissipates, standing on the corner trying to look pretty. And relevant.

Each time a different persona will arise to deliver content, in unique ways, which has been interesting to observe. Trying to keep this blog ‘neat’ has been an interesting feat, as the array of views and their delivery all seem to want a go. Some of you will stay and sure some will go. Some will lay low. And that’s ok.


The organic matter streaming from fingertips cannot be contained, plus it hates rules

so from here to there,

until the next personal note breather, enjoy….?

5 responses to A Person Note

  1. An amazing post, combining Midas’ touch and matter being organically flown from fingertips … ๐Ÿ™‚

    I truly enjoyed this and especially your mood of not giving up and holding fast to yourself, neatly complemented by that very special hint of necessary humour.

    Happy New Year greetings from Germany,

    • jessiemartinovic – Author

      Thank you so much Salva

      I’m glad you enjoyed it

      ‘neatly complemented humour’ – cool, I’ll take anything that looks tidy ๐Ÿ™‚

      happy new year to you!!

  2. Bri

    This is deep. Powerful. That quote by Mingus. Shine your brilliance everywhere, Jessie, and make all the world see how majestic you are.

    • jessiemartinovic – Author

      When you think about it , such deep concepts are actually not deep at all but are extremely simple, simple is sometimes harder for people, most times…. The brilliance is not me, its already here, im just reminding ppl ๐Ÿ™‚

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