T-Rex verse X-Ray

At night, bookshelves host arena’s filled with up roaring page throats. Fanfare for the books with the least ear folds and somehow no better hearing. Just as numbering pages never helped the blind, it also did not stop children making doggie ears out of them.

Dark alleys would see wounded pages whimpering away. Ironing out and decreasing themselves; alone. Knowing full well that their scars, a sheer result of innocent gestures by children. Wise books new the reason why constant folding was silently practiced. Merely a way to try save things. Thing’s that  made one feel; real. Real joy.



The T-Rex conjures up great awe. Larger than life, non-existent and scary as all hell if it were. Awe is food for a child’s creativity and partnered inspiration. There’s always more fun in something you can’t see. Children haven’t yet discovered personal USB’s and how theirs fit into the world at large. Nor developed the eyes for farther perspectives, just yet. Looking up to certain characters and people is a given.


The battle between creativity and doubt. Does doubt flood a child’s mind when they first find out Santa Claus isn’t real, or does school? Taking the rug out slowly, but having rug up options at hand should be carefully considered where a child’s creativity is concerned. Creativity is often overlooked in this day and age, such delicate pages, detrimental to life navigation.


From mere observation and first hand child experience (from back in the day), early childhood memories were filled with awe struck fantasy pouring over the brim. Mystery, magic, possibilities. Then all of a sudden, at a certain point, everyone took masks off and smacked a not so ready human with a T-Rex having an X-Ray. Showing everything for what it is. Or more so, not. It was a moment of shock. Overwhelming self doubt and feeling’s of being lied too. Leading to deep sadness. And eventual depression. The world seemed so bleak and grey.

Conjuring up such false bravado of reality early on caused for a giant fall, personally. Causing simplistic reality to look empty. Searching and settling only for big-bang, firework moments.  A run-away attitude from things that were not of that accord. And development of deep unease, discontent and anxiety. Along with quickening boredom rates. Of both life and everything in it. It took a while to begin to see the colours of reality as is; return.

How can we bridge the gap between overly dolled up reality verse basic reality? How to keep creativity alive and away from doubt as children ‘grow-up’?

4 responses to T-Rex verse X-Ray

  1. Tell them the truth, but with the wildest of imaginations. And nurture both. Have them read, read, read and read. Also the odd Jammy dodger biscuit might help.

    We bloggers are accursed at present with the ‘unwitting unfollow’ issue falling left right and centre. I saw today that apparently I was not following you anymore. How very dare they! It has happened several times to me actually, and then early December I noted one of my favourite followers had unfollowed me. It had me sad of heart, yet it turns out they did not unfollow me at all! Weeks missed, they thought perhaps I had blocked them as none of my posts showed in the reader. Anyhoodle, just so you know, if you noticed at all that is *laughs* I did not choose to leave. It was forced upon me.

    – sonmi upon the somewhat irritated Cloud

    • jessiemartinovic – Author

      oh my that’s why that happens!! I too have found this with some of my favourites, what the?

      yes, I like that, truth with the wildest of imaginations, great -perfect actually 🙂

      soothing your irritated cloud with a fluffy nimbus

  2. such a furry pierce this is, and so many friendly rainbow fleas, yipeeeeeeee

    it also reminded me of this quote which implores humanity to “teach children how to think instead of what to think”

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