Groove is in the Haiku


Pyjama’s con

sneakers to freestyle, between

heart grooves


2 responses to Groove is in the Haiku

  1. He’s not vicious, or malicious…just the lovely and delicious. Yum. Consumable lyrics and a favourite toonaroon from way back for sonmi and the Cloud. Good to see the kids these days ‘get down and boogie’. *smiles*.

    – sonmi dancing all over the Cloud

    • jessiemartinovic – Author

      why thank you, such a groovy tuney hey! Yes I was on the dance floor with the kids, I just cant help myself, kids are where the funs at, really. They feel music and can do no other than dance, they don’t even have a choice, the music makes them. Smiling with white cloud teeth, and preferably a front tooth gap 🙂

      joining you for a boogie on the cloud!

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