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When first becoming a Postman or more so Postwoman here in the blogging world, it was merely a self indulgent pursuit.

A way to voice myself to a void, and not the one within this head. Anywhere outside the mind clutter would do. It blew me away that someone from over the other side of the world liked something written here. But it never registered properly as registered mail should. Posts were far and few between, likes distant, comments rare. So rare in fact, there weren’t actually any. To venture across grasslands and visit other residential posts, never once crossed this mind.

Until one day.

A very lonely day, that seeped into a week, then a month, and longer still. There only a few lamp posts keeping the darkness at bay. Withdrawn from the outside world, a new world was found, through a computer screen. Interaction with other posts began. Posts expressing themselves to the brim and over, and even shaking up the ground. It was refreshing.

A World named Jessie realised her deep loneliness. Something she had felt for a long time.

If only in the real world we could type a tag above our heads and attract those type of posts. Posts with no inhibitions, no filter, the ones who fall over and laugh, the ones who cry in public or sneeze and refuse tissues. The posts with holes in their socks, minds and hearts. The posts who refuse proper responsibility, aren’t afraid to look silly and haven’t a clue what they’re actually doing. Ever. Along with the post’s who let dog’s wee on them.


This is a Post


Posts together create strong fences

Yesterday this blog was apart of a post, by Sonmi’s Cloud.

Cloud Bio: I am of and on the cloud. Everything in the universe is so. Come with me if you wish. The cloud is sentient, please do not chew at its edges to see if it tastes of candy floss. It will turn thunderous and rain down in torrents upon your bonfire. This is a peaceful place to lounge and day dream whilst floating in the ether, but darkness exists here too. One only knows how bright the sun is by experiencing the pitch blackness of the night.

It was the most heart felt, clever, well thought out, nut job of a post and the gratitude it imprinted me with has not left, yet. It is a clear reminder of the beauty this blogging world withholds, and the community spirit of fellow Postman/Postwomen.

Until the next post,

Happy Posting!

7 responses to New Post

  1. Surely Sonmi deserves a ‘post of the year’ award for her recent DaVinci Code styled revelation about a Jewish (pre-Linda McCartney era) prophet whose holy grail was, so the aforementioned revealed, often stacked high with Walls sausages, no less. None of this was discussed in the mainstream media of course, not even in my normally trustworthy Daily Express. Here’s what my next door neighbour and friend Mrs. Gladys Epictetus said about the affair “If evil be spoken of you and it be true, correct yourself, if it be a lie, laugh at it.” How very sage of her.


    Mrs. Trellis.

    • jessiemartinovic – Author

      In total agreement with the ‘post of the year award’, such quality soul cloud material.

      This comment is also up there with styled revelation, my friend. One is struggling to reply in the wit it deserves, so a simple ‘thank-you’ hopefully shall do?

      Yours truley,

      A world named Jessie

      • jessiemartinovic – Author

        When theres abundance thanks, nanas pasty recipe hits the ranks!

  2. The interwebmachine cut sonmi off just afore bedtime last night just after approving a very special ling indeed – the above. You have quite the talent for just the same type of posts Jess, and I am honoured at how you have described myself and The Cloud. A small corner of the Cloud now has your name upon it so you don’t get your feet wet when you visit and it is raining. *beams*. “Along with the post’s who let dog’s wee on them” – This (along with more in this posty-post) has me laughing a lot. Thank you. You also have the accolade of providing myself and the Cloud with the very first ‘pingback’ in our time here in the blogosphere, so thank you again with heartfelt sunshine peeking through the extended family of Clouds at you.

    – sonmi swaying contentedly within a hammock of smiles upon the Cloud

    • jessiemartinovic – Author

      Oh just beautiful you are, my feet can stay dry, but rain is a favourite, especially when it gets in my eyes and makes them blurry. Glad it conjoured a jolly chuckle. Yay for ping pong and peering sunshine, much love

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