Fool and Logic Uncovered out on the grass whilst sipping Foot Soup

Knowing that nothing no-thing is forever can provide either immense gratitude within moments or stagnant fever towards moments.

‘There is only this moment’, the inner Buddha would say. But for now Buddha is eating his own foot broth.

Why enter into a relationship if it’s just going to end. Why do anything? It will end. Eventually. At some stage. People will get hurt, hearts broken, chaos will appear. Hermit life seems so much more plausible. Limited interaction can provide less drama than human relations conjure. Plus you don’t have to talk about what you just did. i.e

“hey, what have you been up to”

“I’ve been doing this, and that, eating, sleeping and right now I’m up to the part where I’m telling you where I’m up to, oh I saw Bill the other day, which means absolutely nothing but you might delight in its space filling presence within this conversation”

I’ve seriously had it with basic common interaction. I’m board. Totally. I don’t want to know what he did or she said, I don’t want to tell you want he said or she said. What you did on the weekend, and please don’t ask me what I did. How that made me feel, and what I think about it. Please talk to me about grass, please. I beg of you. Or better yet, lets not talk at all. And just stare at it. Or each other, awkwardly.

I’m unsure why people are so afraid to be silent, together. That and starring into each others eyes. What are we so afraid of?

People are funny. I’m a people. Sometimes.

Trying to be a people person, or a person people.

Either by eventual incompatibility, eyes not meeting in similar direction, infidelity, or best yet death, relationships end. Maybe a freak tsunami. Or a broken foot, that has been brewed to make rich stock. The kind that would heel your wounds where the lost foot was severed, at it’s pivotal leap of faith moment. Everything has a used by date.  It could quite possibly end before its even begun, through factors such as fear and doubt.

No- thing is forever. This is truly one of the most truthful and solid facts of existence. Finding a reference point seemed ludicrous because it just is. A rock hard, solid, semi- precious stone fact. And I don’t think it’s this fact that is the problem. Problems more so arise when this fact is not within the direct periphery of the person in relation to you. If one cannot see that life is forever changing, a certain attachment arises, especially if things start falling apart, or changing into something new.

A lot of my life I wanted to promise forever to someone, as myself included wanted forever. But forever is non existent within my belief system anymore. It cannot survive there. If both people can see eye to eye on this point, I believe there can be great freedom within a relationship. And even marriage. Both understanding when to change, work, or let-go. Sometimes letting go provides the ultimate gesture of love. Allowing and understanding the innate core structure that we are all ultimately alone in this thing called life. Where no-thing is solid. And therefore holding on, is merely an illusion.

{Insert Grass Here}. And {interesting thoughts, and comments below}

{Foot soup, optional}

31 responses to Fool and Logic Uncovered out on the grass whilst sipping Foot Soup

  1. What is a ‘thing’ anyway? Every apparent ‘thing’ devolves to no-thing-ness in its pure seeing. We intuit impermanence, then must intuit that the concept of impermanence is a misnomer. There is only the still point.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      a thing?
      is no-thing more than a thing
      I think?

      (thinking no-thing thoughts on things)

      it is fun trying to describe the indescribable bable bubble, bobble?

      • I don’t know if your question is rhetorical Jessie, but will offer up a reflection anyway. I know what you’re saying about thinking about no-thing, and that’s a perversely imagined trick lots of meditators attempt in futility to do. What I meant by ‘no-thing-ness’ is an absence of mentation. There’s nothing (ha!) more that can be said because that’s all it is – just pellucid, unknowing awareness. As you say, ‘indescribable’. o_O

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        ive never stumbled across the word pellucid, thank you H. Also I like how one eye is bigger than the other in the pensive emoticon provided 🙂

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        its very much ok, totes, totes fine H. I mean, it’s actually no problem whatsoever, in the overall scheme of things. And not overall’s like the ones you wear, no, no I mean like overall, all-inclusive, comprehensive, universal, all-embracing. Yeah, overall in that aspect.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh my gosh that made me LOL in multitude’s, perfect!
        Just a few more HAHAHAHAHAHA , really, really hilarious

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      loved the video immensely

      ‘only through time is time conquered’ but my most favorite line ‘the resolution of its partial horror.’

      • Ooh, that’s really nice Jessie – ‘proper job’ as they say where I come from. I had never heard this before and will definitely store that one away for future aural delectation – mind the spelling there H. As we’re prattling on about things metaphysical, impermanence and what have you, how’s about a little ditty called ‘Hurry up and wait’?

  2. I can’t help questioning why you illustrated this post with the Fool card.

    Actually, the more I think of it, the more it seems that about a half of the trumps would be relevant)

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I love that you can’t help questioning, that really is a wonderful trait to have wrapped around your belt

      the fool card is a favorite of mine, but the reason for it being featured is no more than me picking it out of the deck for the day 🙂

      unsure what you mean by the last part about ‘trumps’ my friend?

      • Jessie, I just meant that while I was reading this post I was reminded of several Major Arcana cards in addition to the Fool (Judgement, the Tower, Temperance, the Hanged Man, Wheel of Fortune, the Hermit, the Chariot, etc.), which means, in turn, that by its symbolic power your post is equal to at least a third of the Major Arcana 🙂

        I do like the Fool too, but my favorite is the Hanged Man, and today I got Temperance)

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        the hanged man, really? What does he signify for you normally? I like him when he’s upside down, it makes me feel like the noose is loosened!

        Temperance has been present for me too lately, and I feel humbled with its appearance. Balance has been difficult for me to muster even at the best of times, and this card has been reflecting my inner and outer peace and balance which I have worked to achieve. Feels lovely.

      • Yes, the noose is loosened, or more exactly, the noose is on your leg instead of the head, as it is the usual with civilized human beings (it might have been even more so in at least some tribal societies, but it’s another topic). It reminds you of an opportunity to look at the world from a different angle, like, you know, some shamans from Pacific islands practice walking backwards just for the sake of it.

        The guy depicted in the card has apparently reached the bottom and now has plenty of time to discard his trinkets and think how to return to heaven, like a Gnostic soul thrown into our world by God, so this could really be our usual condition, we just don’t always notice it. And it has an element of absurdity, needless to say.

        I am fond of Temperance too, but I don’t consider it as the personification of the virtue per se, because, of course, if you mix two liquids endowed with radically different qualities, you can easily get chaos as the result and finally have to deal with it. And chaos, of course, is the source of all creativity.

        But the idea of the card came from the fact that ancient Greeks treated everyone who drank unmixed wine as an alcoholic.

        I am sorry for the long comment, but I really like the Tarot deck, although very often feel lazy to practice it 🙂

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        no need to be sorry for the long comment, it was interesting.

        Especially the part about, chaos and creativity. Personally dwelling in chaos gives me immense peace, whereas order does the exact opposite.

        I love the tarot too. Especially the images. Every time I look at them I see something new 🙂

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      thanks Isabella, yeah. Interactions could actually be wonderful if we could understand how golden silence is, within them. I find just sitting with someone, silently and intently I connect far more deeply. And then when we do speak, its not about just filling the space, its actually meaningful

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