The Memoir of a Pointless Conversation

Eavesdropping can be super rewarding. As are conversations that are pointless. Either listening to them or taking part in them can overflow ones cup with tremendous joy, and in turn spill onto the carpet, making an apocalypse less scary. Collection can occur whilst running past flowing conversation and allowing ears to catch segments. Or simply by chatting away like star-crossed lovers, dazed and unaware of what the actual conversation consisted of, once the phone call has ended.Last weeks eavesdrop catch was ‘that dog is gangster’ alongside ‘let me wipe your face’. Today whilst eating a delicious raspberry firand and sipping real chocolate hot chocolate, the conversation across from me was so juicy and spectacular, I jotted, well, most of it…

‘you hum and ard over the fish. That was 3 days ago’

‘yeah, I know’

‘I know you so well, so well, it’s not you it was the fish that did it’

‘I like it, I’m going to get it’

‘You said the same thing, as I was thinking, “that’s another fish”. You know it could of had a light, that made it stand out. But remember, we both agreed on the same fish.’

‘yeah, it doesn’t usually have a wow factor, but yesterday, that fish had a WOW factor’

‘But no, it was totally different, I said “I bet your mum said get it”, and I don’t know if it’s because I saw your cupboards?’

‘Did you see the cupboards before you saw the fish?’

‘No, I saw the cupboard on Monday’

[my cue to leave and pointlessly, re-write the conversation, word for word]


Here is another conversation in the pointless genre

8 responses to The Memoir of a Pointless Conversation

  1. I’ve read about eight blog articles this morning and only this fish conversation stimulated any interest. So I re-read it. I love pointlessness; it’s much more like real life.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Oh wow, yes I find that too, absolutly love them or sometimes listening to them. People are just so gorgeous, all just trying our best to be a person, and not really knowing what the hell is going on. Bless ā¤

      • “If things are going really well, I forget myself completely, which is a relief, and in a way the forgetting, that loss of self, is a fairly good gauge of how involved I am in the work. I use the ‘I’, of course, and that slender pronoun offers an intimate register of feelings, thoughts, tones, but Iā€™m so focussed on getting things right that even that ‘I’ becomes impersonal.”


  2. Bonus points for using a clip from one of my favorite movies. My favorite part about it is how Kip keeps staring longingly towards the nachos [relatable], and then there’s the continuity error at the end where the cheese is suddenly a mountain. Brilliant.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Cheers, Such a fab movie, hey! Haha actually hilarious, cheese mountain wowza. Also the dancing scenes are pretty inspirational i must say šŸ™‚

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