You Smell

Essence of inspiration and the undeniable rest…

Don’t be afraid to find smells in others pleasant. And don’t be afraid to let it show on your skin. Or piggy back your way to new footnotes and bibliographies. Anyway, smells are for sharing. Especially moss and clean sheet scent types. Along with aroma’s found at the back of wardrobes and the ones near neck half-pipe’s. Smells found under eyelid’s with smudged sorrow and smells that linger after helplessly cuddling a wet dog. (see Roja Dove)

Skin can change in hue, and smelliness with influence. Desire. And as always with love. But an Iris is never a tulip, and a tulip never an Iris. Their petals are both made of petal. Sunday roast may lead to gravy sections, serenaded stems, chocolate truffles and the unwritten dance of Two Pilobolus. Yet both know their skin. Their petal-iness. Such deep knowledge of one’s own bulbous nature creates for such harmonious dancing. Questioning wether their destiny lies in within seedling, annual, biennial, or perennial tennis courts. And then peering over to the edge of existence at the wise Ginko. And hope pillows. Under pink moon’s with staedtler highlighted stars. Etiquettes as such rarely found in forget-me-nots.

Dreams conjured of homemade ice-cream titled ‘lol ok’, a dog called Pelican, an axolotl that goes by the name of Abraham that share’s with one oyster Mr. Pearl and of course a special parrot.

Falling over deliberately, as well as attempting to tap the other side of one’s shoulder as it were another person, are not of high priority as much as they are a necessity. Along with the yawn arm spread leading to a hug embrace.The more lame the more fame one gets in a creepy cute movie marathon.

Deep fragrance’s can smoulder on the surface, gesturing curtsies eventually to blend with one’s own. A new smell, Avant-garde and fashionably late to its own premiere. Who acts out on the occasion that there might not be scissor shaped glasses to scare blurry eyes into focus.

Own it proudly, and there are shore to be winks from the distance bay. Beaks will emerge from the top lips and sing with vehemence, song’s just for each other. Vines will grow and curl from their navels. Buds of beetroot maths sums. Conjuring equations to musical arithmetic.

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