Let’s Kiss on the MoonDay

“Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty”

William Archer

4 responses to Let’s Kiss on the MoonDay

  1. Beautiful male Eclectus and piano playing! 🙂
    You commented on my post today and I responded (but a lot of people don’t look back at posts for possible replies). Before I retired as a teacher for the multiply handicapped, I bred macaws. We still have 3 parrots. Two macaws and a Yellow Nape. They are very smart… and they have their own TV and watch a lot of Sesame Street and learning videos. It is important to exercise your bird daily. I fly each of mind by holding their feet and raising them up and down as they “fly” and “flap” while remaining on my hand. I do this for many repetitions of each one daily.
    Birds rock! (Even though many don’t prefer to talk… they can understand tons of things!) Two of the three ask questions (that we never taught them)!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thank you so much! When he sits on my shoulder and I play piano, he actually try’s to sing notes. It creates tears in my eyes, because it is the most adorable thing I have ever witnessed. And he looks at me like ‘what, am I doing good?’

      Yes, we exercise, but thanks for the reminder, I probably should do more of it. We play with a tennis ball, and he is getting pretty good at catching it also. Their own TV wow that’s intense!

  2. That is incredible about your bird sitting on your shoulder as you play and trying to sing some notes! Birds are totally cool! Our niece came over to visit today with her kids and our parrots showed off. One kept saying “I want a cracker!”… which everyone enjoyed. But even the ones that prefer not to talk are as smart as can be and are totally awesome!

    Last night, after playing a Sesame Street video, I said to the birds “Who liked Sesame Street?” Scarlet, one of the macaws, said: “I did!” I again said, “Who liked Sesame Street?”… and Scarlet said: “Scarlet!”

    Regarding the meditation thing, I am into meditation, but don’t feel that it is a thing that can be practiced or performed at will. One can only be dynamically attentive — without needless symbolism and psychological separation — throughout the day… and not merely at chosen points that one calculates as special. Psychologically, the perceiver is not separate from the perceived.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Haha thats so funny, i also love the name scarlet, like a whole bunch…

      I totally agree with you on the ‘being’. It took me at least two years of ‘sit down and be still’ at ‘certain times’ before the integration began into life, and ‘practice’ slowly fell off by its self. Although sometimes i feel the need to sit, anywhere and be still, which can look like meditation.

      Hello you, me. 🙂

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