“Hello, I’m me.”

Drawing someone; a stranger, in your notebook and having them sit beside you the next day. Feels somewhat perpendicular.

You are just as tan-suede as I had imagined, sir. Age bracket between 50-60; spot on. Your hair reveling itself to be two-shades darker than your skin, something that was unapparent to me, within the biro drawing.

It somehow caused him to camouflage within himself. A visible-hidden man. Kept together with a sky-blue buttoned going-out shirt. Fringe leveled off to the side, coinciding with defined strength of jaw. Combed; obviously, Hair-Sprayed; probably. Wide- flat teeth. Teeth I just wanted to toothpick; for no other reason than the slight antiqueness gathering towards the edge of enamel. Nothing alarming, just mere curiosity. See if any of it gave-way, let-go of the gums. It was a smile that shone of excelled performance within the workplace. A real give-it-a-go attitude. At one point I swear the smile went ‘ting’ and a flicker of light bounced off the tooth surface. A well-groomed man with undercurrents of serial killer.

“You must have a firm grasp on the human condition, though”, I let on.

“These day’s it’s all about having that piece of paper; done a degree”, he said.

He didn’t seem to be jarred with my comment, which could have been interpreted as ‘your old’. And he could hold a gaze. But at his age, this was expected. Within the gaze; my eye’s communicated with his. And in eye talk mine said, ‘your slightly creepy, I will most definitely write about you tonight.’

“See you next week”, my mouth-talk expressed.

Featured image is not man described. This is a fiber-glass mock-man. He is not real. Although a very similar rendition of drawing-turned man. Quite glad to have found this amongst my iPhone archives.

17 responses to “Hello, I’m me.”

  1. That looks like Prince William, the grandson of England’s queen.

    “You must have a firm grasp on the human condition.” – what a marvellous compliment Jessie; no one has ever said that to me. XD

  2. “A well-groomed man with undercurrents of serial killer.” – sounds like at least half my followers. *winks*. The ‘mock-man’ – is indeed a mock Prince William. It’s all so creepy-tastic dearie *laughs*.

    – sonmi upon the Cloud having just watched the eclipse

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Im beginning to think characteristics of serial killers are merely just people, who possibly eat cereal or granola. They are fearless super hero’s , whereby internet stalking is free for all too see, paving the way for future humans to say ‘its ok to be curious and wear a bib that says so, and show others love like youve known em for years’ hahaha what a tangent

      How waz ze eclipse? Xx

      • Everyone should wear a bib anyway. That’s a given. And ideally some Spatz. The eclipse was magnificent! A connection to the runny hot star spangled planet of sun God, winking at sonmi. Cheeky sod that he is. xx

        – sonmi eating surreal cereal on Jupiter.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        bibs and dressing gowns in public.
        Wonderful, wonderful, full of wonder.
        I ate pizza and watched titanic, and said out loud, jack ill never let go, and blamed the tears on the eclipse 🙂

        passing you milk from pluto via pully system

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      it’s a very nice angle to peer out from, it provides quite lovely perspectives

      thanks for reading !

  3. Awesome. Love the disclaimer – very important. I have never wanted to toothpick the teeth of a plastic stranger but I have had a strong urge, whilst mindfully watering the dying orchids I keep at work as a Wellness Activity, to dash the jug of ice-cold water into a colleague’s face. Not any colleague in particular. Nothing alarming, just mere curiosity. Jo x

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