“your eyes still look like bed, bunny”

Almond shaped. Puffy eyes. Succumbing to the bright rays of the morning. There’s nothing more gorgeous. Especially on a green man-bird. One that get’s called bunny.

I’m unsure where this strange reference came from. But it is as though anything cute, just is destined to be called bunny. It’s super lame, but my tounge can’t help to fashion this word on cue, or even before cue. Just a few weeks ago, walking the neighborhood, peering into someone’s yard. My mouth shocked me into a state of bunny like awareness.

“oh, bunny”, it said.

After a late reaction, my being became excited. There was obviously something cute waiting for my eyes to indulge in. And as I looked, again on second reaction my mouth repeated,

“oh, bunny”

After which, laughter came in mountains. To my surprise, for the first time, the word actually matched the specimen of reference. It was in actual fact, a bunny, hoping about joyfully in this persons front yard. I’m unsure if it was a pet, because there was no fence. It was delightful all the same. No word of a lie, I gave myself a pat on the back. A jolly well-done. It made me feel somewhat clever. Looking back, this whole ordeal out the front of someone’s house could of looked right mad. I do hope someone had been peering through the curtains, and enjoyed themselves watching such bunny banter.

The featured image has nothing whatsoever to do with this story. As I was looking for an image for this one, I came across a photo-shoot from a few years ago. Her name has left my mind, but she was lovely. I had posted an add on gumtree (an Australian community website) asking for people to take photo’s of. Many people rang, and of course I explained to them my project. One guy, thought it could pass as his community service upon release from jail, in which I told him, it was most unlikely. For me personally, I feel immensely comfortable around strangers, sometimes even more so than people I know. There is such a freedom. They have no preconceived ideas of who you are, how you should act, what your about. They haven’t judged and categorized you. Tamed you. Nor have they got expectations.

This lovely lady, sent me some photo’s, and invited me to her house the next day. I went there, met her poodle, and watched her get ready. It was an immensely hot day, somewhere in the 40degree mark. She was such a trooper, as I made her put on a snorkel and flippers. After about half an hour, she almost passed out. And I had to help her to the couch, and give her some water. Plus a few dry rice crackers. After a couple hours, she came too, and we chatted for a few hours.

She did this for no other reason than to just do it. Some people simply amaze me with their open nature. Most people are so afraid of one another. If you genuinely ask how someone is, and begin to elaborate, you may have ulterior motives. But let’s face it, they probably can’t hear you, as most walk around with plugged ear holes these days. 


the dog I met once, and never again.


9 responses to “your eyes still look like bed, bunny”

  1. If anyone could get me into a tutu and flippers, It’s probably you hahahaha. A great idea to collect images, and meet interesting new people along the way. I tend to watch strangers from 300 foot away with a poison blow-dart in my mouth before deciding whether to invite them in for tea.

    – sonmi laughing upon the Cloud

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Hahah your hilarious! I tend to do both. I very much feel that life is some theatrical performamce and meeting / watching them ‘play’ gives immense thrills. Even when they get slightly defensive of ‘their’ image being taken. Others though are more than willing and usually have beans to spill on cloud toes 😀

  2. Soul

    Hello friend,thanks for your visiting in my visual and follow 🙂
    Have a good Sunday.


  3. This came up at the bottom of your latest post…fascinating stuff. You treat you model as did John Everett Millais with his muse Elizabeth Siddal – although you plainly didn’t leave her in a bath a freezing water.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thanks, she was a true gem. Apparently she has a twin exactly the same, expect blonde. I lost her number. Damn!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      She was an absolute trooper, to say the least, given my instructions!

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