Coffeeing up an emoji

She loved a good emoji

as much as strong coffee

Today’s brew though-

brought back memories of Popeye.

Each morning before delicious coffee bean juice is extracted, I write something for the day on my mug in texta. A coffee mantra of sorts. Today, the coffee spoke for itself. Hands did not reach for the texta. Not wanting to strain your imagination, a representation awaits your eyes (featured image).

Today’s poem was inspired by poems written here —-> The Occasional Musing of Peter J. Thomas. Wonderful, honest, witty and playful poetry- that give your day sunshine with a chance of rain. I have found myself lolling at almost everyone, legitimate lolling. Not modern day lolling which are full of lies. People writing Lol to each other and not actually laughing-out-loud. A sad deflation of an already abbreviated figure of speech. My sincere condolences are with you dear Lol. Anyway, be sure to have a mouse scroll gander at Peter’s blog, preferably with a The Strongest Coffee. Here are a few of my favourite poems…

Say Cheese

Red lorry yellow lorry

Wobbly Bob

Touche` Toupee


Ground control to

2 responses to Coffeeing up an emoji

  1. “Not modern day lolling which are full of lies.” – True, very true, something has been lost there, and it is one of the reasons that sonmi *laughs* like that, or *falls about* if it’s funnier, or *wears a tutu whilst playing the spoons*. It’s a much better way to communicate your level of jollity.

    I very much enjoyed Peter’s blog, and he has a new follower in me too. Thank you sparkly Jess.

    – sonmi upon the Cloud

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      yes, I love your *action* representations, they are way more endearing than lol, which looks nothing more than a slightly one sided olive in bread. I don’t eat bread, I’m gluten intolerant, yep one of those fellows.

      Yay for the new blog find, there is some nick to his nack for sure 🙂

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