Ask your mother

“do you want anything from the shops, son”

“yeah, get me a video”

“what are you, stupid, they haven’t been invented yet”

Just another one of those nonsense stories he’d tell the kids. Unaware that some listened more than others. That words could formally shape an informal future of innovation in the mind of a child. This was ‘one of’ the common threads repeated over, and again, whenever in the company of my father. To be kindred to dear Mothers Day which happens to adorn this day, let’s not talk about Dad’s, innovation, and 50c stories.

Insert Mother.

When someone is ultimate in their line of work, it can be intimidating, unnerving of sorts. Well, that’s my mother. She was born to be a mother. She even said so herself. For me, when I see such jobs be taken, and delivered in completeness and utter perfection, it leaves me to believe, it would be counterproductive to even try filling such a roll. For I wouldn’t be the sauce that brought everything together, but merely a slice of pickle, trying to survive under a blanket of ham. Most probably trying to escape sandwich life and a future of gastric juices.

The warmth my mother has provided, to not only me, but all in the family, literally and in the most non-fictional way, out warms the sun. It is so warm, in fact, that one has been known to melt in such a presence. It truly is amazing, that the likes of such mothers usually go about with little if any formal gratitude for their existence. Having a day dedicated to such, seems completely forthright and downright-MotherRight.

I love you Mum

Last night, upon returning home from my second night in a row of pizza, there was a grey clump resting on the drive way. Upon closer inspection, it was a dead cat. Dead thing’s don’t stur emotion within me, if anything they bring about huge waves of peace. Whilst taking photo’s of it’s carcass, I did however, allow my mind to drift into a horror story whereby the cat’s head twisted and screamed at me in human…

“I’m a motherrrrr” 

mothers day

My Mother’s Day card

4 responses to Ask your mother

  1. Utterly delightful Jessie; your mother must be thrilled at reading such a beautiful tribute.

    As an aside, I completely understand the “waves of peace” you experience.

    H ❤

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      thanks H, she did indeed enjoy it, along with the stand on chair, read my story out in front of everyone, then stick it on the fridge bit. Haven’t actually grown up, whoopsie.

      that’s interesting you do H [insert’s an infinite stream of “waves of peace” here, with no dead cat] ❤

  2. Aye, a fine set of words that spill love all over the show for your ma. x

    I have connections that make the image of the cat not terribly peaceful instantly, but know that it feels no pain and therefore there is peace within it.

    – sonmi upon the Cloud

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      she loved it indeed 🙂

      big hug for your initial reaction ❤

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