There’s 115 words below – Trust me.

The uncertainty of pre-conceived ideas can cause nostrils to flair. A rightful passage way for more oxygen and forget-me-nots. Writing poems on the back of toy butterflies; intention by integral sincerity. Door knocking for a surprise visit; sincere integrity by intention. Lacking nothing essential. Forthcoming without necessary entirety. From a distance, place, replace, close. Headaches left at the desk with cough syrup & digestive bitters. Fumes leading one another to specific bark requests & cotton wool; to knit nothing & everything at once. Amateur embroidery – Times new roman – Just do it.

Umbrella shaped midriffs catch rain; whilst sponge hats soak droplets to cool tempers.

You’re not in a courthouse; we are not in a continuous debate.

The words in the featured image do not count – Trust me.

10 responses to There’s 115 words below – Trust me.

  1. “Umbrella shaped midriffs catch rain; whilst sponge hats soak droplets to cool tempers.”

    Worth the entry price alone Jessie. Plus at least a thousand guineas. H ❤

  2. Each sentence a gemstone…I would like to read words aloud, drunk and on my death bed when the time is right…why? No a blind clue!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Sounds perfect Mike! If someone took my voice box tomorrow , I probably wouldn’t realise till Sunday . The future is mute, by the way 🙂

      • ‘The future is mute’…what a coincidence for presently I am on a roll writing a book (which is why I haven’t been blogging hardly at all) that I can never publish using my own name regarding a person compelled to be mute forever! Odd world really!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        oh wow, that sounds a huge feat of endurance, hopefully you are enjoying the process of it all! Yes the world is so odd, I just finished watching a Youtube video on a lady who is only eating her mothers mattress, because she well, she ate her own already and then this…

      • Return ‘wow’…can’t make the link to youtube work which is annoying because you’ve got me curious as to this strange lady. As to the writing I am on fire presently, enjoying it…long may it last!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Oh it’s just a transvestite who can’t help but become furniture. You won’t gain anything from watching it, at all really.

        may the fire continue 🙂

      • You realize I have to find the video now…I am playing mind games with myself deducing exactly what piece of furniture a transvestite might want to be…something bespoke or something multi-functional!

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