The fortunate condradiction of Miss Autumn Spring

8 responses to The fortunate condradiction of Miss Autumn Spring

  1. A lovely film Jessie, and as usual I am wondering what the soundtrack is. By the way, are the eggs ready to offer up their gifts? H ❤

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thanks as always H, the soundtrack is again Max Richter, although it’s his recomposed version of Vivaldi: 4 Seasons. It just happens to be my favourite song at present, and it’s Autumn here and the song is spring there. Yet when here and there are well & one, the most pleasent, almost, but not even quite, spring chicken of a concept emerged. Par boiling makes for much easier digestion….

      As for the egg offerings, hmmm I never did think to ask 🙂 ❤

      • Do you know, other than for the opening couple of bars, I didn’t even recognise the music as a reworking of Vivaldi’s masterpiece, which is actually a favourite of mine despite its ubiquitous presence. For me, Vivaldi’s original works are at their best when played with real fire – quite possibly with Italian musicians who seem to ‘get it’ rather more than Northern Europeans who tend to soften it and so sap the vitality from it in my opinion. Richter is working more as if with continuo bass lines though, and improvising above, so it’s something quite different – and delightfully cinematic of course.

        I was being a bit oblique with the egg question; probably another failed intuition. 🙄 H ❤

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Richter actually introduced me to Vivaldi, can you believe. I’ve only just started with worldly research aka history as the future and it’s unseeable nature had me within its grip for most of my time , up to this point. I can sort of understand what your saying, about the fire, and having listened to both, i guess they are lovely in each way. The continuo bass lines make for wonderful sore thumbs in motion picture placement and page flicking, but I guess all music does?

        The egg, well H it’s your intuition about your own intuitive work my friend, so failure doesn’t even count, if you know what I mean, you mean 🙂

  2. Oh god… the leaves! Autumn is my favourite time of year… Spring. Autumn. Gah! Which is it? (Pass me some more eggs please!) 😛

  3. Jessie Martinovic – Author

    Served with a sprinkling of pink salt and 4 quarts a grind of black pepper- toast soldiers side bound 🙂

  4. The leaf below the flower looks like a moth-eaten fish. And the video is too much. Is there such a thing as collapsible beauty? Yes!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I can actually see it, cool… These are from our “plain trees’ there are literally thousands of them, the trees are pretty huge, we collect them for mulch. If not we would be torturing grass 🙂

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