Complacent apathy.

It was a pleasant surprise.

The cushions wanted to fluff themselves up. Become inviting, again. Yet, a part, a whole way of being, that allows absence in utmost present entirety. Blissfully nonchalant. Seems to prevail and swallow hands and humans alike. Day in, day out. Minimal perseverance and or persuasion from a variable. It was a surprise, and, it was pleasant. Perhaps that’s all it was. No more a waxing bellow nor a howling trombone. Pickets lining up to become fence. Letters swift in coaxing, yet invisibly not there.

Complacent apathy.

9 responses to Complacent apathy.

  1. “Pickets lining up to become fence. Letters swift in coaxing, yet invisibly not there.” – love this. Coaxing letters, mmmmmmm.

    I’ve been away, but have returned, and find myself laughing at Hariod finding something saucy that you say is closer to golf. *rolls around laughing all the more at this*

    A quote to fit the picture – “I’m either going to be a writer or a bum.” – Carl Sandburg

    Sonmi well may be both, but not a big bare one.

    – sonmi waving upon the Cloud

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      That is the most perfect quote for such a picture, thanking you indeedly!

      Yes, golf, er and bums- what a pleasant surprise 🙂

      hope your well, and had a lovely away…

  2. Thanks for wandering by Trigger’s Horse, Jessie…otherwise I wouldn’t have found your blog. Happy Tuesday! – Fawn

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