The cook does not clean


5 responses to The cook does not clean

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      hehe sitting on the ground is quite common for me, wherever I may be. Kitchen to tree. Catching a glimpse of a reflection, lead to a curious exploration, deep in over 30 clicks and much unaccountable time. Let’s just say, there was a little burnt smell lingering in the background of some of the last snaps….

      • I am a ground sitter too for the most part, though seldom beside the oven. I have one of those ancient, windowless, cast iron jobs that acts as a surrogate friend to me in my solitary and isolated existence; I can hardly bring myself to cut off its oil supply in the summer. It looks so glum when its not fired up, and I feel remorseful and apologetic towards it. ‘There, there’ I say, ‘there, there little over friend’.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Hahaha an oven as a surrogate friend- at least it gives warmth without emotional attachment. I’m glad to be conversing with a fellow floor dweller/oven conversationalist 😀

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