It’s not more than the knee drip, which felt of ice- looked of breasts- reconstituted burn. Polyester gowns smelling of cooked plastic, enticing the salivation before a meal. Caution tags; hiding in the hidden.It’s not, because, using the phrase it’s not twice, adds higher appraisal to such, yet, if used more than eight times, will more than likely loose any of the such. Eight looks like infinity. It’s not because it is, and it’s not because of no because. Wishing it were otherwise, maybe. But those wishes & wants belong to change. A reformed twig. Wigging it’s way to illusionary expectations, something in which is forbidden and right mad. There’s much to say in little to no words. The brush dominates. The rush discriminates. Pulverizing an inconsistent – let’s try to get along. Hide in the hidden.

Step 3 Actually go outside and remember there is a sun

Step 4 Borrow $30 for a tube of Cadmium yellow

Step 5 Take more than 5 steps today, when outside in the sun, in which you remembered

3 responses to Borrow

  1. “something in which is forbidden and right mad. There’s much to say in little to no words.” – Great stuff this. The ‘right mad’ sounds like Yorkshire dialect from this side of the pond. *smiles*.

    – s.u.t.Cloud

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      My mind is known to wander through many portal supermarkets, and have it’s way with specials or just various isles at a time. Whatever that means. 🙂

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