Fill my letterbox with rolls red

6 responses to Fill my letterbox with rolls red

  1. Great video Jessie; the eyes were captivating at the start (man and cat), and the girl car passenger sequence worked perfectly, as did the food sequence too I thought. H ❤

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thanking you kindly Hariod. As drawing is to a painting-conversation is to a photograph , it’s nice to see the seems and thus the reason for voices being introduced 😊 ❤

  2. You’re very good at making films Jessiestar. So hypnotic, and the effect is one of animation, rather than video. Do you add the effect after you shoot it, or is it a setting on the camera? x

    – sonmi being nosy on the Cloud

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I absolutely love it when people ask, as I’m willing to uncover and clarify all details of the photographic affair. Basically, I was counting stamps well on through the night, in which I was impatient to wait until the morning light to take a photo with. Also the fact that the littlies (my nephews) were due to come over in the morning. So, I looked through the cupboard and found this flood light. After taking a few stamp photos, I realized that the shadow was far too noisy and it be best to get rest for the ‘best light’ Mrs Sunshine…. Upon returning from my tooth brushing routine; one was confronted by a flickering flood light, the battery was dying, yet those who believe in ghosts would have thought otherwise. I did think of this. Anyway, I found the charger, and, plugged the dear -light giver- into the socket. It happened to be switched on still, and picked up the tea cup and placed its shadow on the cupboard.

      A pre-bedtime gift, I thought, which gave me less zzzzz and more ‘oh my gosh, I’m so excited, imagine a teapot’…All I have done to the film is slow parts down and speed parts up, the ‘curtain shadow’ is actually me with one hand on the light and turning it from the subject. An ambidextrous task to say the least.

      There was actually tea in the cups, and upon pushing them in their ‘shadow potential’ and not taking into account their ‘physical form potential’- there were many a thuds from both teacups, bananas and myself when I forgot to clean it up. Slipsy daisy. 😀

      Thanks for being nosy x

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I have just realized, this is the wrong film I have described, whoopsie daisy.

      This one, yes I add the effect on after 🙂

      • Two for the price of one! Thank you dearie, I was wondering about the one described as well, so all descriptions and tricks of the trade are happily stored in the ‘box of curiosity’ which is in the Cloud’s attic.

        – sonmi taking it all in and down upon the Cloud

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