Transparency amongst the opaque

Tarnished gold nails; covering zinc deficient clouds, yet enhancing tattoos. Intrigue for youth magazines – pleasantly surprised. The filter form witness that undergoes vision unaware, pretty ok. Not as mucky as one would have thought. Embellishment cat ring x2. Purse alla daisy.

Feeling distant, get more distant before distant becomes a cover a sensation. Or that bloody selfish look-a-like lantern. Finger picking nostril gunk. It’s not my fault your watching.

Having plans of course. With self of course. Balance found amongst detachment, lending itself to signs suggesting- detachment of what is found. Balance. The abacus of a metronome. The kiwi fruit -skin on- prior coffee. Bitter yet pungently on beat. An enzyme rich concoction. Observe me, pick a toe, and flick it’s compost on my roots. Plant the marigolds in time for bookmark ribbons. Hide in the hidden- find in the found. Allow transparency amongst the opaque #nofilter upset expectations for features in field variables.

The ignorant will judge exteriors and the mind boots of explorers; missing decimal points & undressed equations. For they don’t see before the seen & feel before the felt. They are not quite yet, the bring it inner-ers & deliver-ers or the inners & the ers. All have potential, yet opaque ears. Listening into factual perceptions, missing the mark on self inquiry of the fact. How to integrate through self filters in which they are unaware of. Lenses need cleaning, but they didn’t ask for it, so, maybe they don’t.

Contradiction is the best eraser on the market. It’s also the most intelligent and cancels itself out to invisible transparency. A super power unknown to most.

This back is dripping of rest & the enjoyment of this couch with not-much-rest-upons seems ludicrous. This is not a contradiction.

Step 6 Rest on this couch more often
Step 7 Repeat step 6 twice


 ”Is jazz, as we know it, dead yet?”
”Well, I guess that all depends on, ah, what you know.”
Lester Bowie

2 responses to Transparency amongst the opaque

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      If there were ever a pun, that’d be it ❤ 10 points plus 1 for you Hariod

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