Keep it literal

Amongst hotdogs & salmon destinations


2 responses to Keep it literal

  1. This is very true; if there is one thing you can say about a salmon, then it is that it can trusted – it is invariably a remarkably reliable fish.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Your not wrong… On another note; no word of a lie, upon my rising this morning, I plonked myself next to the heater, on the floor and adjusted the lever so it doesn’t burn my knees. The sun peeking just over the curtain, making its way into my well rested retina. There was a fuss & voice coming towards me from the hall, still coming to, I listened in, focused my ears.

      “well see the thing, you gave me 4 baked bean cans instead of tin tomato’s, and usually it wouldn’t matter, but no one here eats them, and I can’t give them to Aimee, she or the kids wont eat them either”

      Hariod, no word of a lie. Jessie aka The Girl whose mind exploded. wow.

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