“No”, they said to boredom

And off they went, hand in hand, to shop till they dropped debt. They had work tomorrow and everyday for the rest of their lives. They were never bored.

5 responses to “No”, they said to boredom

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      A lady said hello to me, and I must have been in a fabric trance as I wasn’t quick, if at all to put a face to the voice before answering… “I’m not much of a shopper, really, more so enjoy looking and touching things. You know, like things usually jump out at me, buy me, you know?” I never heard back from the voice, but felt great angst towards my being- almost as if my presence was not wanted in the space. As I shrugged at such phenomena , a blue shiny object caught my attention.

      • Now Jessie, that’s just now how seduction works you know – [stern voice] – “you must consummate, you must consume mate!”

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Consider yourself lucky Mike, it’s a great honour to be overcome by such 🙂

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