The consumption of others

A matrix of waste

A battle between being hidden and in view. Others wants and desires dancing outside of the window. Do they not know their counterproductive ways, ones in which land privy to the eyes of a stubborn child? They are seen and discarded. No more will be shown, especially amongst resistant flowing wants. You will not know if I am here; or on a boat, adrift the mountains. In bed, or putting turkey on crackers. The I Want Tracker; built by admiration turned obsession. Both totally inundated in power play. Gross. To possess another. The ugliness that eludes this facet of the human condition, is ugly. Can we not love, without the need to squeeze the object of our desire to death?


11 responses to The consumption of others

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      The thing is Tony -you kind of did, as much as I’m you me. And that ain’t philosophy as much as a full stop could be but two eyes in the proceeding face šŸ™‚

  1. “The ugliness that eludes this facet of the human condition, is ugly” – well said. I instantly thought of a rather full on horror film when I saw the top image, and each trolley became a human being. It is called ‘The Human Centipede’ – I haven’t seen the film, it is far too gruesome and some grue. But it has a connection to the greed, the I want consumables.

    – sonmiupontheCloudy

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      You know, another friend of mine said it reminded him of exactly the same thing. The Human Centipede. I remember viewing the preview for it; sat still for quite sometimes afterwards to gather myself, shock and dismay mostly. I watched the trailer again. Shock can do funny things. Never, like you, did I ever, allow my eyes to view the film.

      Sigh, there seems to be no end to the consumables. And it indeed is most ugly human to human. I think we all need an inbuilt Hand-Telescope-Hat. It functions; first a hard face slap, then allows you to view your position in space. You are here.

      Or we can all just marry ourselves. ā¤

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thanking you kindly for your heartfelt words, hugs. If everyone learnt to cultivate what they admire in another; the world would be full of fullness, rather than the need to possess.

      Love anyway ā¤

      • Hi jessie!!
        Thanks for your reply. I’m glad we can share our similar sentiments in this end of the matrix. The best way to learn is together, and we are doing just that!!
        Hugs from you newest fan,
        o and om.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        yes, learning together we must. I am still learning, and you have given me enough reason to leave the house today, thankyou šŸ™‚

        hugs from your newest fan friend

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