4 responses to Shiftshape

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thanks Tony. Your word choice -glorious, reminded me of how much I enjoy that particular word. I shall from here forth, incorporate it within my vocabulary, much more prevalently.

  1. I found that ever-so relaxing Jess, but noticed something interesting – when the blue and yellow balls turned black and white, they looked all of a sudden quite ominous, almost unpleasant, as though made from some alien substance, but once back into full colour, they were just happy balls floating in water. It’s odd how our brains work isn’t it? Loved the music of course, you have superb taste, as ever. *beams* ❤

    – sonmihidingfromtheblackballsupontheCloud,

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Oh beautiful. Water has that ability, I love it very much.

      Interesting take indeed. Having feedback on what others feel is always super interesting, because I’m still learning and experiencing it as much as everyone else. Not many really know how to simply experience something and relay that back. But your a cloud, so what other to expect but weathered wisdom and a beaming heart 🙂

      Susumo Yokota- get on it, in it or around it Sonmi!

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