Thy parody of thou interior motive

Episode 3

“does this dress make my head look big?”

The vanity really is the centerpiece of the bathroom. Presenting themselves in a staggering range of shapes, sizes and designs. They can be traditional, art deco, modern, minimalist -etcetera. Vanities can have sharp or gentle curves; open shelving. Forms can be narrow or just wide enough to hold the sink and conceal the associated plumbing. Some even span the entire length of the bathroom wall & harbor two water vessels. Concave duck backs in porcelain. Vanities are usually moisture resistant or waterproof, due to the fact that the bathroom is the biggest wet area in the home. Sizing is usually determined to bathroom size and it’s important the vanity is in proportion.

A solid timber bench top may look great but if you’re not prepared to clean and maintain it appropriately, it will soon become water damaged and lose its lustre.


14 responses to Thy parody of thou interior motive

  1. I imagine the blonde girl turning around slowly…and looking into the mirror…and seeing…a giant woman/man creature!!! Then finishing off doing her make-up and hair, because she’s sometimes a bit shallow like that.

    – sonmi in the mirror room upon the Cloud (it holds 728,8500 mirrors).

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Fantastic. Mirrors are wonderful specimens. They come in a range of humans as well as reflective surfaces. I watched this video the other day about self love; how most women look in the mirror for ‘reassurance’ rather than actually at themselves.

      I also have this idea that this whole selfie revolution has something to it. We must first look at ourselves in order to fully understand another. The problem is- I don’t think anyone really knows ‘how to look’?

      Have you ever tried drawing yourself? Tis an interesting revealing process…

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Laughing , yeah I have this fascination with the ‘fake’ and the ‘novelties’ of life. I love how just about everything can be re-produced , copied , mimicked – and not just physically but the human psyche too!

      • markrenney1

        I know just what you mean Jessie it’s all out there now and ripe for re-invention. Really enjoying your work.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        The Ripe reinvention revolution- sounds rrreally good. Thanking you kindly Mark

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