A friendly meeting at the mall

That silverside was shown by choice. No other. A level of respect for such vulnerability. Obviously a high amount of intelligence lends itself to enough knowledge to understand repercussions of such behavior.  Hats off my friend. A mutual understanding. Give to take. Evidence of a strong mind. No illusionary sway. It is very much able to navigate with pure awareness. Direct experience. An understanding of the workings of the mind. Knowledge lends itself, too. And if there ever were a point where one can’t empathize, no one is at loss. No one personal. A level of understanding and acceptance for all circumstances. Both being authentic; communicating authentically. No fear of opposing opinions; friction of non- fiction lends itself to infinite discovery & unveilings.

Although, those who make assumptions based on crumbs -without having spoken to the loaf- leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to meat expirey.

Within minutes her presence was notified in chirps on the speakers; a friendly gentleman at her side within minutes. He smiled at her courteously. Hesitated to deliver some urgent news. She flushed her eyelids in complete dismay & unknowing. A stutter but an over all kind deliverance of information…

‘you can’t do thattt, take photo’s in here, sorry, its against our policy’

‘oh, I thought I saw a fairy’


4 responses to A friendly meeting at the mall

  1. How can anyone impose a policy that prohibits photons hitting inanimate light receptors?

    Other than that, then I think you may well be in for a Cloudie* with this fine post Jessie.

    H ❤

    She likes a good fairy tale I gather.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Next time I’ll be on a trolley steed for speed. I’ll strap a selfie stick to it – watch this space.

      Yay I love awards

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