The Mesmerist & The Light Box

His name was Jack and he was always destined to life in a box. It was uncertain whether the box chose him, or Jack the box, nor was their any scale to measure if it were light box one or three…

9 responses to The Mesmerist & The Light Box

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I didn’t want to write a comment after that like, but I did.

      • According to Alice Cooper, his friend Salvador Dali asserted that absurdity and incomprehensibility was the very best form of communication. But then, for me at least, to seek those qualities would not be natural; it would be contrived and therefore non-absurdist and comprehensible to my internalised reason. I am therefore caught between two worlds Jessie, wishing to communicate in the best way, yet rooted in an increasingly aged – stereotypically even? – normality. To word-it-out or to click-me-a-like? For that is the question I rhetorically pose myself. You made the morally soundest choice I feel my friend, in both liking and submitting a vacuous gesture of my own kind. Here’s raising two bananas to meaninglessness! 🙂

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        What a wonderful comment, and I meant on fire as your comments burned with much creativity today! I love incomprehensibility as much as sensibility, depending on the moon, I mean mood. If there’s something to say, I believe it’s best done in a direct way, and if not, than dancing around in play and lighthearted nothingness is always wonderful medicine.

        At present moment, I have found myself in quite a length of brevity, and for who knows how long a shortness can take to expire.

        I like communication in person best. But the stuffs gotta go somewhere, right?

        Comments are very much received in utmost delight, and complete gratitude when people do take the time too, but from my part the wave of reciprocation varies constantly. I wouldn’t be true to myself otherwise, and I hope people appreciate my honesty.

        If you were caught in two worlds Hariod wouldn’t that contradict your views on non-duality?

        smiley face

  1. Pick a door, any door. No, not that door. Or is that door the same as the other doors? No. Yes, sometimes of course. Poor Jack in his box. Will he pop out briefly, to punch the skies with his gaudy hat and beam a painted smile of futility at us? Only time will tell, and the holding tight of a (door) handle…

    – sonmi.u.t.C

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