This is the crack between two photographs

dont crack under pressure

8 responses to This is the crack between two photographs

      • Ah, I see I have read too much into your post Jessie; let me explain. Where you have written the words “This is the crack between two photographs”, I thought you were making a literal reference to the white space upon which those very words appear. In other words, I supposed you were alluding to what we so often do, which is to miss what could be the obvious, and instead focus on sensory stimuli i.e. the two photographs. Dependent upon the display device (PC, Tablet, Phone) what appears here before the reader’s eyes is a huge white ‘H’, delineated by two photographs. And it is this which we miss – the space (cracks) between two photographs. If you scroll up now so that those words are in the middle of your screen, you will see what I mean, and with a shift in perception, the dominant image becomes one of a huge white ‘H’.

        Do I need locking up? It could well be so.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        oh yeah, how cools that, almost frozen like. Thanks for teaching me something new, I do enjoy learning things 🙂

  1. Are you suggesting you aren’t already locked up Hariod?!

    Imagine finding a huge white ‘H’ suddenly there bearing down on you. There should be a warning sign hanging from the top of the page – in white of course, so as not to spoil the clean lines. *nods*

    There are more zygols actually, if you look at the cracks of the paving stones sideways, there are ‘aitches’ everywhere.

    – sonmi fleeing the scene of the ‘H’ crime upon the Cloud

    • Well, I am, but I get ten minutes each day in the institution’s library where I can go on a computer and visit you and Jessie; it keeps me insane.

      When they let me out, I’m going to write a book and expose to humankind that in fact the universe comprises only ‘H’ shapes – nothing else. It seems you are one of the rare ones who sees the truth of this, from your astute observation of the pavement.

      It’s funny to think that right now every nook and cranny of your body is being penetrated by little aitches isn’t it sonmi?

      Time’s up, back to the padded cell. More revelations tomorrow.

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