Indicative of Bowties & Elbows

A conceptual art film; power, politics & pasta. And of course love.
Music by Vijay Iyer & Mike Ladd, Lake Aaron

Around three months ago I found myself consumed in what seemed to be a Pastapiece. Today was the first time I dared dwell within the folder of its adjoining documentation. A week of complete floor madness. Lucky for me, I don’t remember much of the pasta episode within my life. All very much a blur. For some reason I packaged everything away into a box, labelled. Even my socks.

a yes

5 responses to Indicative of Bowties & Elbows

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Quite melancholic indeed. The horror film genre is way to scary for myself personally, there are some lighter scenes in the overflowing Pastapiece folder, have faith Marissa!

      I’m unsure what will come of it, but I’m sure what does, will be what it is.

      The word politics used to scare me, until I found it around every nook and cranny, from emoji’s, to L-bows & even tuna. The list is endless.

      • “I’m unsure what will come of it, but I’m sure what does, will be what it is.” This is beautiful Jessie! You do it to me every time.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        You are beautiful Marissa Bergen. I just had this wondering wonder, do you make music?

      • Oh yes. I was in a band for a long time with my sister when I was younger and recently started a family band with my husband and kids. They’re all just poems set to music, wouldn’t you know…

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