Life supporting O

Remove your projected intimidations & smolder with unidentified detachment. The song of wilted growth. The dance of prosperous phosphorus & dazzling photosynthesis. Pie eye’s prying open pea husks.  Green grocer femininity could contend; though slight anxiety was converted to ball throw. Earplug vexation. Or Colin from the counter.

‘Do you like my new bag?’, holds up plastic bag full of stuff

‘well yes, actually, I have one just like it at home’

‘oh, that’s such a coincidence, Colin was it?’, holding back an ocean of relevant cackles

‘yes, infact I also have this one in my wallet, with my pills in it’

‘ah, I hope you eat them in front of everyone really slowly & shout my drugs’

‘yes, yes I do actually’

As her head tilted away to view the outside remnants of sunlight, she could feel that Colin was conjuring, to the best of his ability, something, anything to continue conversation. There was a twinkle in his eye; a shock. A pupil bathing in philosophic grandeur. A tounge fond yet forbearing. Do people actually talk to one another these days? The behind counter lady, teetering on the brink of a ‘printer just died’ episode.

‘a beautiful day outside’, Colin’s chosen sentence after long debilitation

‘lets all take a deep breath shall we’

Taking initiative towards a moment of debrief via lung mass. Giving gifts of carbon dioxide to emerald counterparts in return of life supporting O.

Just as an example of my perplexed spelling & written language incomprehensibility. I proudly present, the most gorgeously misspelt word of the day. Inishative. For what felt like the longest word ponder this side of two thousand fifteen, I could not for whatever reason, visualize this words ‘real’ skin. Of course I made myself a badge, to wear all day long.

The above photograph is not Colin. He is named Manu. We met on the road. Of course communication was smooth sailing given he did indeed, share the name of ‘my’ feathered husband. Most mornings we spoke life & read Michael Leunig books. He installed his own unconventional van fireplace, was a favourite amongst the law & grew tomato plants alongside a selection of herbs. He was eminent about purchasing a pet duck with his next welfare check.

i took inishative

9 responses to Life supporting O

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I tried talking him out of it, given his minimal living circumstances, and the fact that I actually have ‘living with a duck’ experience. They are extremely messy, arrogant & have the sloppiest shit on the planet.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Oh interesting indeed. Mine was a Muscovy duck, they are “quackless”.

        Muscovy ducks are also less noisy, and sometimes marketed as a “quackless” duck; even though they are not completely silent, they don’t actually quack (except in cases of extreme stress). The carcass of a Muscovy duck is also much heavier than most other domestic ducks, which makes it ideal for the dinner table. -Wickedpedia

      • Oh goodness, and I notice that your mentions are all in the past tense. ha, ha! Actually I have no idea what type of duck my friend has. I’ll have to ask.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        For some unknown reason, this week has been a reminisce week for myself. I tend not think or dwell in the past, so it has been interesting. I think I miss my vegetable patch. Please do ask, I’d love to know.

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