Master of Plum

It started half way through yesterday. The itch. The half way right foot sole itch. Because of the arch, simply grinding ones foot back and forth on the carpet proved inadequate. The foot hovered around, in search of a raised object; semi sharp right angle, to efficiently scratch that itch to sleep. Unfortunately, whole body had to cooperate in the search, as nothing under desk did provide relief. Shifting one’s self to the inconsistent mountain of objects for future observation pile. The corner of an unattached drain found itself gaining newly accredited job skills. A drain once thought of for object presentation purposes, now well into a new foot relief position. Such is life. A polymath drain. Reframing from a life of single minded pursuits in a specialist world. Preferring to gain perspective through a myriad of quests. Jack of all drains, master of plum.

19 responses to Master of Plum

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      A shadow multi-tasker perhaps. Gosh, me myself, trying to multi-task equals extreme failure. Even the thought, or the suggestion that a task may lend itself to multi-tasking turns brain matter custard. Blank.

      Most people are sympathetic.

      • Well I’m unsympathetic for all gals whether you understand it or not can multitask – it is an essential part of femininity like it or not. As to us inadequate chaps I for one cannot put a key in a lock and whistle at the same time (true). My admiration of gals knows no bounds…only reason thus far why I haven’t topped myself as it happens. I rather like ‘brain matter custard’ by the way.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I seriously think I am more man than girl.

        Yes, women are wonderful, as are men. Having someone unlock & open doors for you may be the best option for you Mike Steeden, as I have a feeling you’d be a pro whistler.

      • We’ve been in our new old house since March and thus far I’ve broken 3 keys. I’m left handed and have always had a problem as to which way to turn the bloody things to open or lock a door…periphery of life stuff sends me quite insane…holding doors open for ladies young or old however is a passion of mine!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        My gosh about the keys, that’s intense hah

        A gentleman

      • SatNav instructions throw me also…when the voice says turn right I invariably turn left and vice versa…of course without this irksome problem I would have never discovered Belgium

  1. “I seriously think I am more man than girl.” me too. Many hover at the boundary, few hit the dot in the middle straight on, and a great deal are a hearty and flavoursome mix of the two. They simply do not all realise tis so.

    – sonmi combing her mustache upon the Cloud

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      A combination soup perhaps?

      Jessie pulling out 1 of her 5 long black chin hairs, and keeping the rest because she actually likes them and cant wait for the one she pulled out to grow back.

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