A murder of crows

Is not evident within this photograph.

6 responses to A murder of crows

  1. Unless the culprit is in the picture…recently Shirl (she knows masses about birds) spotted a ‘gang’ of crows setting to murder a weaker member of the group, which they duly did and – you probably knew this anyway although I didn’t – hence the collective noun…they seem to make a habit of killing the weakest!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Shirl is building a fine rep┬Žer|toire (copy & pasted straight from google, my attempt- repituare).

      Nature is so honest.

      I think this is reflective of a lot of animal structures, including us. We have guns though.

      • Guns…bad, so bad..but yes why on earth do (blokes especially) deny the truth of what they/we are…life is so simple when basic truth’s are accepted for what they are – i.e. we are animals. Fine point you have made, eloquently expressed – which is more than I can do even on a good day!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I sat one day and thought about guns for so long. It’s incredible really. That a piece of metal & by sheer force only it kills. Much like the ocean and how it erodes large cliffs. The power of movement.

        ‘Life is so simple when basic truths are accepted for what they are.’ Amen M.S

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