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I’ve been following Roberthandferry for a long while now. Mostly I have found only one like, tops two. One of which is usually from myself. Having left a comment once, it was responded to with a complete distaste. Rude some would say. A why are you even commenting here type attitude. It made me like his not poems more. Every post he does, I press like, still. He most probably hates me. The only post he has liked of mine, was the one in which I wrote to delete my blog. Obviously a clear get rid of it’ like. Directing you to his site will probably give him enough evidence to actually hate me, if he doesn’t already. My favourite lines are always…

he makes coffee.
a toke.
a cigarette. 


typing it out as a not poem.
cuz he ain’t no poet.
don’t he know it.

whatever – part two (2)

I generally enjoy reading his stuff. The unrestricted flow of it all. The raw honesty. If I were to count my favourite blogs on one hand, this would make the cut. Thank you, whoever you are. And hate me if you will.

23 responses to Follow if you dare

      • I never overlook my English teacher all those years back calling me a moron (I spelt ‘what’ as ‘wot’). In hindsight a proud moment!

  1. To be frank I find no need to be rude to anyone who comments. It is quite beyond me why anyone would be, beyond a state of over inflated ego and base cruelty. I admire you still liking some of his work because you actually do like that which he has written, you are a better star than I Jess, for I’d have given him short shrift I can tell you. People can be honest without being unpleasant about it.

    – sonmi thinking about rotters upon the Cloud

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      If I were to find it rude, it would merely be a judgement based upon my own conditionings as to what rude is? Who can fully knows the workings of another’s mind. What is rude anyway?

      I like that the person chooses to share, and allow me a brief moment into the workings of their mind. Maybe if they had it their way, the comments section wouldn’t be there? Who knows.

      Thank you, though from a most proper cloud indeed

      What’s rotters?

  2. It seems that some people are rude – in the sense of being impolite – because they need a reaction, any reaction, in order to validate themselves to themselves. The troll takes it to extremes of unsubtlety; the clever ones leave you wondering if they’re being rude or if you’ve misinterpreted them. It can also be a kind of inverted egotism I think, as if to say they have no need for your validations either way, and just to prove it, they’ll be rude to you – thus asserting their egoically-elevated idea of themselves.

    • Nail on the head I think there H. *nods*.

      Jess – ‘Rotters’ are rotten folks, people who spoil the happiness of others without thought, or more-like needlessly. It is also a term for zombies of course. *laughs*

      – sonmi taking no crap from totters no matter how open and sharing they be upon the Cloud

      • I’m sure I would. It’s always those miserable souls that relate to me. So miserable sometimes that they can’t even detect that I might be a soul mate.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Oh Marissa hah. I’m unsure if this person is actually miserable though, maybe he is completely liberated, we shall never know or maybe one day might know.

      • Oh yes, the misery was only implied from his seeming curmudgeonly outlook. I’m sure once you get to know him it’s all teddy bears and unicorns.

    • “I’m sure once you get to know him it’s all teddy bears and unicorns.” – Hahahahahaha. Brilliant comment Marissa. *shakes her hand*.

      – sonmi laughing a lot upon the Cloud

  3. An unspoken agreement exits (within a culture or society) to act (in public or on a public forum) in a manner considered appropriate by the majority of people in that culture or society, in a manner that is considered civil. If someone wishes not to, for any reason, forget that person. Comments can be turned off, after all, so if one does not wish them?…..

    ☺ my suggestion would be to smile and let it go.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thank you for your reflection Robert. Yes, you are right in all regards as to manners. I have a habit of enjoying both the sunshine & rainy of people. My personal involvement is quite a detached one, and is more an interest than anything. There are people I connect with, and people that just intrigue me, which I watch. I guess by liking his stuff, it shows there is someone peering in the window.

  4. Thanks for this post. I’m heading over to the Rude Poet’s site now to find as much ‘Like-able’ stuff as I can and to leave glowing review comments on every one of those posts. Cheers!
    By the way, where is your ‘Like’ button?…

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Well done burner of the Wick. I bestow you with a silent, invisible shoulder tap of good deed!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I do what I can Wick Burner. Spreading the love and all that jazz!

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