Discombobulated occurance, The

The hair from scalp. The Band-Aid from right heel. The coffee a jolly well done. The visitor a surprise. The moment too quick to call The rescue. The deceased covered in The crema. The napkin- The coffin- The bin burial. Nothing more was said on The matter. Response, The.

band aid halo

23 responses to Discombobulated occurance, The

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      The past few days have been interesting for myself in terms of my practice. Or more so life. Terminology wise. For a long while I used the word -reflect- as I felt this was what my creative process was doing. And maybe it partially did/does?

      Yet the word -respond- entered into the pondering field. It feels right, and when I applied it to many of the things I do, it seems to fit descriptively well.

      A happening. A response. Yeah. I like it. What is your take on the word in regards to creativity, Hariod?

      • Your visual work does have an overt reflective component Jessie, as you take the mundane and re-image it in creative ways. The reflective process seems more abstracted in your written work, which appears to have its own source – an inner, subjective monologue – and it would be interesting to see what you came up with in longer form writing. In either case, the mind works reflectively, one could also say representatively (of sense data), and there is no escaping the fact, artist or not.

        You could say this process is responsive (to introduce your idea), and that also is true; though of course, it suggests something added above and beyond a mere arid reflectivity. The risk here, perhaps, in consciously following the responsive notion in any willed intentional stance, is that the egoic self may get in the way, introducing an obscuring element to the immediacy of the response.

        From talking to artists, and in having lived with one for many years, there appears to be a correlation between the extent to which the idea of ‘me’ – and all the lumbering narrative that entails – is removed from the creative process, and the introduction of a more fluid creative channeling. So maybe those two words work synonymously – ‘response’ and ‘channeling’?

        Both perhaps have their pitfalls, the former being suggestive of some subconscious automation, the latter suggestive of higher powers being the source of creativity – neither of which are helpful or accurate. In the end, it is all an abstraction from, and then back into, reality – another unhelpful word!

        A fine writer on art, Patrick Heron, at his home in Zennor, Cornwall – an old haunt of mine.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        As of late, collecting toilet rolls has been of quite high priority. Having placed them on top of the canvas that hangs on the wall, they are collecting together in great magnitude. The side ones still have a few sheets attached, that so elegantly dangle over the edge. Real class. Anyway, during the night, one toilet roll fell off. Upon my rising, I looked at the canvas with toilet rolls and said ‘oh, a toilet roll fell down in the nighttime.’ In this moment, many choices arose in regards to my personal response to the situation. Calling this reflective seemed inadequate?

        I’m unsure if I understand fully about the response having something added?

        The writing seems to have more of the ‘me’ influence, and therefore is a less enjoyable process. It debriefs and then usually delves into the past, and then something jolts it back to present time, and so on. It’s like typing a sew-saw. The other making seems to by pass a lot of that as you suggested. I feel more absent within the process.

        Maybe if we removed the word Art from the equation there would be no need to try and describe it!

        Thanks heaps for taking the time & for your support Hariod, means a lot 🙂

  1. Exhibit’s within a museum one day in the distant future…there’s even the provenience…what museum though? Perhaps the latter day Marquis de Sade.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Hair drawings & Band-Aid in a museum? Well that’s a lovely thought. Right next to the ancient vessels, once used for food, it may spark some ‘hair in food’ fears amongst the visitors.

      • In a cathedral in France (Arras maybe, not sure I’ve seen so many) recently in a dark corner (had a Latin name for it I can no longer recall) there was an appendage of a male saint on display. It is thus that a fly in the cup, a used bandage and some hair are well acceptable.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Seems superbly accurate according to necessary angles. For some reason it reminded me of this wonderful cluster of popcorn I found a couple of months back in what sounds a similar bottom joint of a building. Everyone gathered around to see what I was taking photos of!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I’m not a fan of things once they are popular

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        People say I remind them of all sorts of people, never Jessie though, I’ve got a self made nick name of ‘just jessie’ . I’ll teach Manu to say it, eventually. A glass of red here and there is nice , but I have an acquired taste for a brand called Grandpas Homemakeit (my grandpas vino)

      • Manu…well Wayne Rooney plays for them and he can’t speak proper English like! Many, many years ago I made some homemade stout (a drink not unlike Guinness). When I opened the first bottle it was as if a butterscotch never ending snake came forth showering the walls and ceiling as it disintegrated and died before my very eyes…it was very sticky to the touch…them room needed redecorating and that particular marriage ended not longer after!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Holy moly, the sticky stout snake. Did you find the brewing process something you enjoyed? My brother used to make his own beer too, until all the little dumplings (his children) arrived.

      • Hated it in point of fact but what does a 22 year old, almost broke chap back then on the verge of alcoholism do? Needs must etc.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I’m quite proud of myself also in such regards

      • If you mean you don’t drink then proud you should be…these days I just have the odd tipple or two but back then…doesn’t warrant thinking about and is probably why George neither drinks or smokes…offspring always tend toward the opposite I find

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