My milkshake brings all the trolley’s to the yard

And they’re like, it’s better than chocolate with vegemite.

vegemite chocolate red more other

This inedible art by Cadbury will be on shelves for a limited time only. My personal investment is in the process of being framed & mounted. A rare commodity, of high likeness never to be seen again, due to the sheer fact that nobody would dare open, let alone think about tasting such an disgusting avant-garde infusion.

29 responses to My milkshake brings all the trolley’s to the yard

  1. I would try it. I can’t resist Cadbury chocolate. I would have to trust that they knew what they were doing with this one, even though that may not be the case.

  2. Vegemite I know very well…even have a jar my son insists is replaced each time the old one empties (loves it on toast with scrambled eggs). Dairy Milk of course is not chocolate as chocolate lovers know it…it is just sweet brown stuff that tastes vile…for chocolate go to Belgium…no place else…George had, unbeknownst to him the prize arrive in a big box today full of (48 packs) of Marmite crisps (a retro special from Walkers Crisps) when he thought his online quiz endeavours would only gift him a single pack (true that is).

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Yeah, vegemite is nice. Not with chocolate. And yes I am known to spend big on exquisite dark chocolate myself. It’s the same with coffee, once you taste real stuff, well.

      Go George and his online quiz endeavors. He looks to have a crisp future indeed.

      • First thing he’s ever won as it happens…if we get marmite crisps here do you get vegemite ones there? As to fine chocolate I find it is satisfying eating just the one square and savouring rather than scoffing a whole bar of the inadequate ‘milk’ chocolate as was my want in days of yore.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        There was these biscuits things that were of cheese and vegemite. Real good. Until I stopped eating gluten and regained my life back after years of migraines with an unknown cause.

        I tend to buy a block to consume in one sitting. Good on you for being responsible.

      • My old secretary the lovely Chantal can scoff chocolate like I don’t know what…never seen the like before or since. Did you know that gluten and celiac things/allergies causes were not established until just after WW2 a period where in Norway there was no flour of any kind available and thus bread, cakes such like didn’t exist. During that time (aside from the fact a war was playing out) the Norwegians never had stomach problems/migraines etc. After the war the populous got all their old problems back whereupon scientists worked out the cause (true that is, was told all about on my time travels)!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Whenever I see the name Chantal, I think of Chanel the perfume, in which I called channel my whole life. No one seemed to correct me until my later years. Chantal seems champion in terms of chocolate etiquette or none there of.

        No I didn’t, so thank you for informing me. The mass production of everything ie genetic mortification of foods has not been very successful in terms of health/everything. I think it’s a conspiracy, but I also think conspiracy is conspiracy. There is this couple who walked past me once, I called them a conspiracy.

      • A new collective noun! I do like those. A Conspiracy of Couples’…that’s a winner. I have a photo of Chantal from years back with her face covered (as would a small child’s be) in chocolate ice cream. Processed foods are the biggest curse of all. I manage my diabetes on a high complex carb veggie diet plus 12k a day on a cross trainer or 3 miles on a treadmill…net result is I don’t take drugs at all for it and never have to inject…added bonus I’ve held my weight at 72 kilos (think that’s right; don’t understand kilo’s) for 15 years when previous I was 123 kilo’s for a short time in my life…lost all the weight in just 5 months on this regime…boast, boast, boast…but what it does prove is that get rid of the junk out of the diet and all is as well as things can be! Thud…they’ll find my corpse later!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        A real winner, chicken dinner.

        A determined job well done in terms of health Mike, must be challenging. No word of a lie, today at The Spare Room, the owner who thought was Peter, actually Jason (don’t ask) spoke for a good 20 minutes about his father & diabetes. Somehow in one day, I know more about the condition, through two separate accounts and truly do send my condolences.

      • Best thing that happened to me was diabetes as it happens…made me get my act together when my body was falling apart…you see I had given up the gaspers for a long period so ate and ate to counter the cravings thus causing diabetes…my only bodily crime now is that I smoke…still can’t have everything!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Unfortunately yes, the big pitfalls in life seem to be the only ones to teach us anything, and or wake us up to the fact of how precious life actually is. And no, we can’t have everything, you are correct Sir Steeden!

      • Is life precious? Spike Milligan, indeed the late great Spike once said ‘I’m not afraid of death, just dying’. Have looked it smack in the face twice and oddly (of course hope on the actual occasion I can not travel through time again it remains thus) it didn’t feel that bad.

  3. That combination Marmite work together. Chilli and proper dark chocolate does. Best thing is to taste odd combinations blind without anyone telling you what you’re about to taste. No preconceptions. That works well with sex too. No, not Vegemite, or preconceptions, but you know what I mean.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Chilli and dark chocolate, yes. I actually have a most delightful conversation to share in regards to a supermarket chocolate choice dilemma. In which I cannot find at present. Each time I know what chocolate, yet still stand there for at least 15 minutes pondering.

      The blind are clearly not blind. I knew there was a catch.

  4. Most excellent one, a lovely post. ☺ Allow me to add that in future l shall attempt to disrespect muskmelon because it is not watermelon, immediately after disrespecting milk chocolate because it is not dark chocolate. As for a certain Cadbury Bunny with “milk choco eggs”….☺

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thanks Robert. You know muskmelon only became apparent to me just recently, the name of. It’s gorgeous don’t you think. Being summer here, the new season fruits have surfaced, and I seem to be loving watermelon immensely. I feel I’ve stated to you before the whole, food & drink in one scenario. Anyhow, I went to the shops and asked ‘do you have watermelon with seeds?’ and they were completely baffled. It’s sad that watermelon will never be ‘as good’ as it was, and will always be semi watery now due to it’s seedless breeding.

      • Fortunately we can get real watermelon grown in Texas, being next door. But that will soon change, as I move along to somewhere as yet undecided. Real, honest to goodness pineapple, when in I was in Panama, was lovely. Always loved muskmelon. ☺

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Lucky! I think I have allergy to pineapple as I get a real itchy tounge when I eat the fruit. I do enjoy it in certain curries though.

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