Prelude to rock

I’m no use as the brain needs a recharge…enter Master Adapter and his young sidekick Plug!

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    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Totally. I mean, what else are rocks good for, unless you have time to view the video posted in a previous comment…

  1. Seriously is that chap middle left trying to pee on his own shadow? Can I get away with saying that…Shirl is fast asleep so is unable to advise me on manners and good form yet there are so many things going on in this picture that I’m spoilt for choice! Where is her cushion and what exactly is she looking at and the best it is she’s smiling although there is no smile to see…touch of the young Man Ray there (save for the fact this one is not monochrome). Begs a caption also…I’m no use as the brain needs a recharge…enter Master Adapter and his young sidekick Plug!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      A fine lady from Croatia actually. We met up the coast around a drumming circle. Just one of those people who doesn’t annoy you if they keep hanging around. Really nice.

  2. What a coincidence! The young lady at our place last night is Croatian and she as well is fine company…shoots from the hip and makes me laugh. Think I’ve mentioned the Man Ray thing before re your photography yet worth repeating again…his stuff with the great Lee Miller always had a tale to tell, always crisp. Robert Capa – who paid no heed to focusing – another great at the art form although not to everyone’s taste. There is something of the red deer about your subject what with the leafless tree antlers set perfect behind her, as if part of her…a caption though? This old brain needs to get into gear…a shower, a coffee and a good think called for.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Yes I only noticed this just a few minutes before, the antlers. Stag like.

      Hope this comment shot from the hip in terms of semi bluntness.

      • Total bluntness I adore…she makes us both laugh in fact and knows she’s doing it so it’s OK. I stuffed for a caption presently by the way…I’ll get back to you soon as I have one. On the photography front (what with you being one working this art form) have you ever checked out the work of Lee Miller or read about her…what a gal. The first female front line photographer to get into those awful concentration camps and the shot she had taken in Hitler’s Bath (in a flat he had vacated) if you don’t know it proves photography can sow a million metaphors. Powerful stuff from a bohemian lady…one of the best there has been in my humble opinion. Best of luck

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Me too. Cutting through the bullshit really. We must have similar families, mine are a bunch of stirrers & the sarcasm is borderline drought.

        I’ve already added your caption to the image.

        Yes an image. Be either a painting, drawing, or photo, must tell a story. In my book anyway. Actually Ill contradict that, not always. Not many are capable of reading. And I did stumble upon this lady, doing the research on Trenchy. Amazing.

  3. I do rather like the added caption…my thanks. The more I think about it your Croatian lady, lets call her Princess Natalija had been turned into a red deer by a wicked uncle but has since been kissed by a handsome prince and is, as I write, being turned back into a regular gal…you took your shot halfway through the transformation!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      It reminds me of the faun from Pan’s Labyrinth. One of my favourite movies. Princess Natalija suits. One letter off her real name Michaela. The ch a real raspy K.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Now it is. Disclaimer: May contain traces of rock. Too much rock will rip your throat to threads, causing a lifetime of raspy speech and or death.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I must disagree and unfortunately confess to having consumed a rock or two , just to give it a go? Also ate 11 flies once in a competition of catch and eat . Not some of my proudest moments but hey ! Protein is protien

      • As Paul McCartney says and I quite agree, ‘Never eat anything with a face’! Were they of the housefly or blowfly variety?

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        We called them country flies. The game of ‘entrée de fly’ came about, because they would land on our cups & were unbelievably slow. We thought, they’re just not used to humans out here, put hand over cup ever time one went in, a quick shake, and subsequent sip with added fly. After 11, I was quite full.

      • Ah then the posh flies from the country shires…drink too much brandy and overeat I reckon! And there was me…given I had many Aussie Earl’s Court set friends back in the day thinking your nation’s game of first choice was fart lighting…good I can now go to take coffee in the knowledge that this day I have learnt something new! Have a good one

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Fart lighting has to be up there with the best I’ve heard this week. You too Mike.

      • Aussies are world champs at this (or at least were back then) I myself saw them win the cup in a pub just off Richmond Park many, many years now gone

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