because I love it

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  1. The Institute for the Study of Slightly Varying Circumstances

    it makes the world go round. At least that’s what they taught us in school

  2. Well had to watch the video with the sound off (Shirl can hear a squirrel fart from a hundred miles away and she is fast asleep having taken an early bath – will have a listen tomorrow). Rather liked the little shaving brush men though…possibly they could rule Camelot given half a chance. In France they have roadside shrines akin to this…indeed such a shrine I should have kept and revealed upon my own blog…all gone pear shaped this very evening! Have you ever read The Third Eye by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa (a false yet one time much followed sage) only the red spot mid forehead of the lovely gal within your collage just triggered a thought…also do you know a Lakota (I do) as her name came up just as I liked you last FB page…odd that! Best of luck…sorry this is so very, very wordy!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Such a considerate husband. Oh, you’ll definitely need the sound for this one.

      The shaving brushes- I am also fond of their now existence-their bowties are pasta. A bit of education on pasta for you also, you know those wheel shaped ones? Well I have looked in multiple stores, even local Italian delicatessens & they don’t exist anymore. Pasta wheels are extinct. Or at least dangerously endangered. A sad, sad reality on the pasta front.

      Interesting about the roadside shrines, would love to catch a glimpse sometime if you did have an image. On the reading, well I tend not do much of that unfortunately, so nope!


      • Have had a listen now…like the way you finished her sentence for her ‘gadgets’…’tis great fun finishing people’s sentences I find. Sadly I have no snaps of roadside shrines in my travels through France…tried to get some links on Google but they were all rubbish ones! Never mind. Ah Lakota! Well when I clicked a ‘like’ on your FB page immediately thereafter 4 little picture boxes appeared below your post advertising things…one said ‘Lakota likes this’. Well Lakota is the name of my old departed chum from Adelaide daughter (now living in Queensland) is named thus…just thought what a strange coincidence!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Possibly slightly rude of me, but yes , educating our fellow humans along the way cant hurt.

        Oh, wow. Interesting. Maybe I know her? Names, faces, memory. It’s all a bit much for me. Part the reason I refer to people by name so much in comments/real life. Repetition is key to memory!

      • Not rude at all…the fun bit of having a chat is the chat itself…it’s just that they evolve differently which each person you speak with. Yes Lakota…I’m guessing she’s about 34 now (maybe a bit younger), she stayed with us a few years back when George was much smaller…lovely gal, very determined, family name Robins but originally Brooke-Robins I recall. Has an older sister Delta still in Adelaide…Shirl plays online scrabble with Joy the mother a lot.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I quite lost my calm about the scrabble part, laughing immensely, such a gorgeous late addition to the story

        Lakota-brooke-Robins. Does not seem to ring any bells. I really do love a good chat, preferably with people I do not know. Always learn something new, and they tend not attach themselves to your hip. The the other day, I kept meeting this lady at the end of each isle, we had 3 consecutive chats; one about bells, then butter and moulds, then how she loves to always have something on the table- just something- the cloth & then something. Never saw her again!

      • People one meets in a supermarket are fascinating I agree. Shirley has a loathing of shops (hence I do all the shopping) although not so long ago she did find herself in such a place. With her stick of French bread under her arm she bumped into this fellow three times in various aisles prodding him with the bread accidentally…in the queue at the checkout she inadvertently prodded him yet again with the bread at which he took it from her and broke it in two over his knee then handed her it back! She normally would have pulled his ears off but on this occasion she was laughing so much a violent reaction was impossible!

      • Once in the City of Bath outside a wedding dress shop, she heavily pregnant with George she slapped me about the face (really hard I might add) produced faked tears and shouted, ‘You promised to marry me’ and all the people walking past thought I was an utter cad and a bastard.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Can’t remember the last thread of this conversation, but this bubble of, is also brilliant, absolutely!

        Are you and Shirl Married? do I already know this, sorry I’ve had a long day in a seafood shop. A lady told me her husband wants crayfish before he dies, and we didn’t have any.

      • How close to death was/is the poor chap? Shirl’s dad was banned Cornish Pasties when confined to his bed for a decade…until the day Shirl sneaked him in one without hospital staff noticing…he died that night with her at his side…he thanked her for the pastie at the end (true). We are married yet I’ve long since told her she has yet to earn the right to my surname! Following a very small wedding we had our reception (just her and I) both dressed up posh drinking champagne from the bottle walking round a zoo (with the permission of the zoo of course).

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Did not think to ask, just looked for lobster availability.

        Wow, that pasty corn story, is one I am uncertain the reaction to give. My mouth was somewhere between grin and frown, ending mutual.

        The zoo wedding. I can’t say anything more than, The zoo wedding. Holy cow.

      • We only married to make George a bastard in just the one sense of the word…he’d kill me if he knew I said that! Yet our silly wedding was the most romantic…100 years on we have perfect romantic I think…I shall die happy I know that.

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