I am not a puppet

An incredible woman is as incredible as an incredible man.  Introducing Dietlind Wagner, an incredible woman and the mastermind behind dede puppets. Having first entered the world of her puppets at a pivotal moment in their daily flour & water series, I was hooked. Clever as. Intelligent beyond measure. Education at its finest.

The featured image is not Dietlind Wagner. Her name is Monica. She was my favourite fellow Sandwich Artist at Subway. My second favourite job since packing fish into bags.  Not only did she volunteer to chop the tomatoes with the bluntest- blade- space- age- contraption, she never said anything about me wearing my swimming goggles to chop onions.

23 responses to I am not a puppet

  1. Thanks Jessie, the Dedes are truly flattered :). It gives them a real kick and your attention couldn’t have come at a better time with their big launch tomorrow.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      My pleasure, may it be everything you wanted and more. Some thoughts by a famous puppet for the Dedes to ponder on their journey…

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I’m with you Marissa. I used to be such a good cook (when there is someone to cook for) the last few attempts at anything majorly extravagant ie baking, have been hideous. The puppets are in a league of their own. I can’t imagine the time spent creating this film, it really does blow my mind.

  2. Well Just Jessie this is infectiously surreal…lost for words save that I like ‘surreal’…odd you should cut onions wearing swimming goggles. My son G does the self same thing save that he wears a woollen hat that he pulls down over his ears and a nose clip thus – mouth aside – protecting the orifice’s of the cranium when chopping onions – his worst thing to do of all things…funny old world really.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      How cool is it. You really should take some time to check out her site, the list of characters themselves are sensational.

      My son G. Can that be his new rap single inspired by his father? (my son G, which is actually me, now you see…etc)

      • ‘My son G; As persecuted as a hash key’…or something like that! I did look at the blog and endorsed a like thereupon yet will take a proper look following coffee…pins another Post It note to his screen and wonders where his other slipper is…Shirl have you seen my other slipper….yes the left one…what’s that you say, you’ve only found the right one…what!

      • Burgundy with far too stiff soles…she makes me wear them since the tumble down the stairs! Apparently they are tumble proof…crash, bang, thud!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        ah, so your a shuffler then these days. The ol’ shuffle down the hall type scenario, wake everyone up!

      • Slippers by way of doctor’s orders 15 back…personally hate slippers yet severed my quad muscles above the left knee in a freak accident while serving court papers on a miscreant. The leg has since collapsed at random moments (which is why I have to hold on tight on a treadmill)…said quack determined that the grip type soles of certain slippers would reduce the propensity of regularly falling over! True that is! Of course with the muscle wastage I have one leg akin to female catwalk model the other a regular, even a tad muscular blokes leg…needless to say in summer I refrain from wearing shorts!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Ah, maybe you should get all zen and try yoga, wouldn’t the treadmill be slightly rough?

      • 12k on a cross trainer or 30 minutes on the treadmill every day inc. Christmas Day…addicted plus it burns off excess sugar in my system hence I don’t need drugs to control diabetes! Probably just drop dead in the treadmill one instead!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        You seem to have it sorted then, a job well done!

      • Me sorted!…don’t forget I’m 110. Knackered quads, shoulder, foot that keeps swelling up (since the irksome fall), diabetic, a back that gives out with alarming regularity since my fight with a seat belt latch) insomniac…Shirley just said to stand up straight as she thinks I’m getting round shouldered…oh yes, almost forgot I am now allergic to garlic (one of my most favourite things)…’I’m still quite a catch though Shirl?…what’s that you say Shirl…how dare you!’

  3. I have heard of these puppets before, though cannot think where – was it here some time ago Jessie? Their expressions are something to behold – each the antithesis of the other. I find that interesting when I see it in couples, because it seems more often the case that we reflect each other. Why did you quit Subway for the fish-bagging trade?

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Yes, I may have mentioned them sometime ago. I thought to re-post as she has a book coming out, and I have more than 2 people interacting with my site now which might lead 5 her way. The expressions, the names, the whole caboodle- really does blow my mind. I mentioned this in a previous comment actually, how it really does blow my mind.

      Honest, the only reason I quite subway, was because I watched people eating the plastic food -I gave them- and felt immense guilt rein in every vein of my being. I hardly ate the food and brought my own sandwich from home to eat. I loved everything else about that job, the people (with little bravado) and such variety, the lists of procedures, food prep, being a semi baker at 6 am, taking care to make the best sandwiches. I think I embarked on a semi pilgrimage up the coast thereafter, before returning sometime to the fish trade!

      • I have never had a Subway sandwich, and was wondering just how ‘plastic’ a sandwich can be. American cheese tastes like plastic to me though, so perhaps it’s that. The people you worked with sound pleasant, and it must have been lovely smelling bread baking first thing in the morning. I bet your sandwiches were good Jessie, and it’s really very nice that you took such care.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        The food is not really of quality & made to last. The lettuce is pre-shredded in bags, along with the carrot. The meats especially. And from some of the orders, it could become quite sickening to produce. Yes the cheese, is no more than a great clay substitute.

        I also found it interesting to observe the way customers treated us sandwich artists, most kind, but a lot with a downgrading demeanor. They could have been just been highly stressed, though, from their desk jobs.

        Thank you for acknowledging the care I took in making people’s sandwich’s Hariod.

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