Madonna in crocs

Bocce is boćanje in Croatian. Crocs are a shoe. Boćanje is translated as playing boće. The ball game deeming itself as a favourite past time of many a gentleman on the Dalmatian Coast. No reptiles are harmed in the making of Crocs, the most ingenious and comfortable shoe this side of not the Dalmatian Coast. Crocs are not the choice of shoe, that side of the actual Dalmatian Coast. It would be thought that a shoe with such avid aeration and comfort would be a favourite amongst the ball throwing, Mediterranean men. Yet, actual consideration for the light-weight foam, foot sofa, seems to give way to the loafer. More cow than plastic farms perhaps. Or just a loafers- always- have- been-always-will- be type scenario.

20 responses to Madonna in crocs

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I’m unsure actually about all the facts surrounding humans labelled a country. All I know is, it gives my first name illusionary exoticness

  1. Well I think Madonna has a certain panache…a bit of a nutter and that’s no bad thing. As to Crocs they were big here a few years back yet popular things always trouble me…mind my Shirley would steal her leggings in an instant…please give the gal my sincere best wishes. Our own Croatian friend is, as I write happily pissed as a rat in a Zagreb bar with her old mum looking after her baby and her English husband at her side (spotted it on that FB thing)! My blood pressure fails me again presently and I am instructed by the ferocity of Shirl to go the bed before lack of oxygen to the brain does for me! Such is life.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      We spoke about yabbies and bugs (scientific name- Slipper lobster, most alien looking sea creature) for what seemed a good 15 minutes. Her pants are what caught my eye, second after the sensational shirt. She had just had her eyelashes tinted, and her bikini waxed also. A true asset to this world.

      Hilarious about the pissed rat. I will be in Zagreb, not a pub though, half way through next year. Looking forward to it much like. Life is such, sleep is good.

      • From what young Natalya tells me Zagreb is a wonderful place…trust you enjoy. Croatians seem to make a point of ‘living’ life…an infectious thing. As for the pants (we call them leggings here I think for pants are knickers here!) I really ought to get Shirl to post a pic of her collection…might get her back blogging…thinks….yes I’ll suggest it!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Ah yes, living, actual living. Love it.

        I went into the shops today, and found out that you can now buy jean leggings in a small portable box- incredible.

      • We have just returned from the shops also…’needed’ ‘so to speak’ a dust pan and brush only the brush ‘needed’ to have a long handle. On paying for it the mad old boot serving us cellotaped a tiny white plastic bag over one end then asked me if I wanted a receipt. When I answered ‘Probably not’ she asked me if I had found everything I was looking for today yet looked at me odd when I replied, ‘Not exactly, I still can’t find the meaning of life’!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I really did laugh out loud at this, actual hilarious .I seriously love the odd jobs that take so long such as getting a singular item from the shops. Hopefully you kept starring at her and then some crickets chirped.

      • I don’t think Folkestone (the town up the road from us) has ever had any crickets…got a lot of seagulls though…took a snap of a young gull stood proud on the café table right next to us. We have named him Brian!

  2. Quite stylish I would say. I could only hope to be sporting Madonna and crocs at her age. I’m afraid my Jimmy Choos just aren’t cutting it anymore.

      • well, if I do end up using it, I will definitely give you credit. I’m trying to do holiday themes and that definitely conjures a New Years theme for me. May be using it then.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        no credit needed, it free for all all for free, love and all that jazz. Have you done all your Christmas shopping, what’s your table showstopper?

      • No, Christmas shopping is far from done. My table showstopper…if by that you mean food…well luckily I will be eating at my mother’s and just pray she doesn’t give me another TV dinner like she did on Thanksgiving!

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