15 responses to Complementary

  1. The eyes within the heart on the tree are wishing the old dear a massive lottery win…yet if she does win the story will unfold. What do you think she’ll spend it on?

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I want to say cherries but it would only be due to me eating them presently . Cherries

      • Fat, black cherries…what a fine thing they are. We ‘had’ to chop down a cherry tree in the garden when we moved in…hate doing that to a tree yet it was so old and its branches spread far and wide creating a massive canopy…Shirl is however going to make the place where the tree once stood a bee friendly haven!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        They are so delicious, one of my favourite fruits. Are you going to have an actual hive? Where I lived previous we did, and the honey was so so dark & less sweet. Felt incredible drizzling a substance created by all the flowers around your living space in tea!

  2. And you just had some kind of mushroom
    And your mind is moving slow
    Go ask Alice
    I think she’ll know – White Rabbit by Grace Slick

    Awesome photo!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thank you! As I left the toilet, I noticed this lady in my periphery. It usually happens like that, my photos. 5 people then crashed into my still frame, and I looked at them as if to say , ‘you bumped me, can’t you see I’m taking a photo. They looked at me as if to say ‘what the F is this chick doing, stuffing up a perfectly harmonious stream of people flow through a busy mall’. I’m unsure if this was all or one of their thoughts, it might of been none of.

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