Seriously late

seriously late

25 responses to Seriously late

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Quite possibly. Or maybe he’s looking for his ‘thinking cap’

      • A thinking cap…wonder way it’s always a cap when a fedora has so much more panache. Now I know what to tell Shirl what I want for Christmas…a ‘thinking fedora’

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        …or more so in your case, a non-thinking one? Didn’t you say you think too much once?

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I know right! To be honest I didn’t intentionally snap this fellow. I just stood still and snapped. I have been immensely inspired by this photographer of late-

      His work is seriously incredible. He wouldn’t tell me if he hand develops or not, but if he does. WOW. An absolute poetical magician & gift to the world. Fearlessness at its finest!

      • Oh yeah, those are really cool. You’re not sure where to put your focus and it kind of makes it tell it’s own story. I would be shy snapping pictures of people I don’t know.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I have a love and hate relationship with awkward. Not sure why. Anything scary tends to pull me towards. Must be my love of growth and overcoming fears!

        You should try it.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Taking photos of strangers , I’m unsure what it may bring up for you, as it’s usually very much a personal experience . Extremely rewarding process though

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Yes, I am shy also. It has, and still is, helping me overcome such states of mind.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        And this … I’m unsure if I’m actually a writer. I’m still searching for a title , but explorer seems to fit

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Most days I feel no more than a prawn, to be quite honest!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Oh my goodness gracious, totally forgot about that gorgeous fellow

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