Maybe just not

If there is anyone you can count on to not, it’s not me.

the more i am not

29 responses to Maybe just not

  1. Hey there Jessie my dear; I would like to wish you all peace and contentedness for the coming year. I have had too much sherry to say anything beyond that. It is gone 1:30 a.m. here, and I am tired an emotional, as they say. H ❤

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      And also with you Hariod, may you find a nice couch to rest your ‘new year’ limbs and breathe rest into the tired emotions, with love.

  2. Are there brands of squid tubes that are untrustworthy? If so the point I am now pondering is in what manner does such an absence of trust manifests itself…a most vexing issue!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I wouldn’t touch these bleached tubes with the end of my sunnies. They are made in China! It’s a visual mess of absurdity, I Tells ya

      • ‘Made in China’…just yesterday I purchased a new, rather flash set of bathroom scales ‘Made in China’. They measures al sorts of measurements inc. weight. Couldn’t make them work, instructions in an English the meant little to me so on to YouTube for a tutorial. The bloke on the video said they were total rubbish (IF IT even laughed at them) so it’s back to the shop.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        How good is Youtube tutorials! oh my, I hadn’t even known about them until the cash register broke at the factory and Matt the other prawn packer did it. I was flabbergasted at its simplicity and effectiveness towards quick recovery of the malfunctioned object.

        I do hope your scales live up to expectations beyond the blokes forecast.

        IF IT, well. Give him a little scratch would you!

      • IF IT (a bit like a border collie) spends a lot of time in his bag aside Shirl’s chair in the lounge…the pair seems to get on famously. Additionally IF IT’s favourite café seems to be Cullens Yard (the second one on my list of cafes posted around Christmas) as that has become his Sunday morning treat. Michelle the waitress thinks we’re odd…this day she think us even odder when I ask her to pet IF IT a bit! Scales have been returned; refund made. My youngest swears he need not have spent 3 years at uni running up a bill of £20+ as he could have done it all with YouTube tutorials! Rest assured IF IT will get his scratch.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Did you really? That has to be the best news this side of my study window, and that side of something. Wow.

        No, university is well worth it. Even if it’s just discipline and learning to hand things up on time. Listening also, you must listen! Are you paying his fees as a nice daddy?

      • If it didn’t get out of his bag at the café this day sadly…we were harbour side outside smoking when the predicted gale came in…nearly blew me over I might add. As to his fees I am not paying them simply because he doesn’t need to start paying them back until he’s earning a reasonable salary and then they deduct only nominal (relatively) repayments over many years so in essence it is a debt he can largely speaking ignore presently. This day he has listened to me and at last is re-recording his pre studying portfolio of music made before they over trained him and he is starting with one of my very favourites namely ‘Ants in Awkward Places’ composed when just 15…’tis brilliant and the promise is that it will go on Soundcloud with the rest of the old stuff when done. I feel sure you’ll like his chorus;
        ‘I’ve got a monkey on my back, A monster under my bed, I’ve got ants in awkward places, I got confusion in my head’ – I would pay a Kings Ransom to have written that!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I must have liked and got lost in the house work with this comment. I did good today cleaning Mike, I’m not fond of cleaning but it doesn’t bother me.

        He could get away with never paying for it, I erection (reckon). And I can imagine you pushing him to make lee way, oh well, sometimes a good nudge is worth it. Can’t wait to listen, and it’s interesting because I chucked a few crab claws on the lawn yesterday for the ants. A double deal. They get a late gift from Santa Claws & I get hollowed vertebrae, ready for some object re-arranging. Tell George I have been filming the ants and we could put his music in the background of it, somehow, eventually, maybe!

      • I have decided today is the day I have become ‘old’ – may even write a poem about it…most odd because I’ve never felt ‘old, old’ previous…whatever Ants set to music, what a blindingly fine idea! I think IF IT might have a girlfriend! True…you see Shirl has placed upon her glass head thing (which sits on a table next to where IF IT lives) a masqueraed mask and she is looking rather beautiful. I sense love is in the air!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Just today you felt this, only? Wow that’s interesting, hopefully the poem puts mind to rest…

        Ant claw melody

        Tell Shirl to lock in a strong connection, because THIS THEN is sitting patiently waiting to be united with IF IT in the forever future of book binding

      • Yes this getting old is an instant thing…came about me without warning. Shirl will have snap/snaps duly at the ready later today after I have formalized a Will with a solicitor who has quite the oddest name. A strong connection it will be yet she won’t let the pair get carried away with each other!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Mike, oh my gosh, sending you many blessings

      • it’s a site where people people try to sell their used junk like its a high end retail item made by the mid century Amish and then try and trick the buyer into thinking it’s “BEAUTIFUL” or its cheaper by putting “PRICE REDUCED” in the title and instead of taking the item down after it’s been sold the keep the add up and put “SOLD” to the title. I like to go on there and tell people I’m on my way over to buy their high end retail mid century Amish made crap, then I never show up. Good times…

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Hilarious. Sounds like the Gumtree of here. A couple weeks ago, I sent back and forth emails to a lady called Alison about an ‘Apricot toilet roll holder’. I followed through with the emails, due to the absurdity of it all. The damaged thing cost $10 and I managed to ask dear Alison for half price, due to the fact it had a cracked top. Drove an hour to get to her place, for this thing. Eventually ill write a story of it, maybe not because I’ve half already written it here. But anyway, she had this black cat mat, and a red nose on her car. A kid with ten pounds of snot on its face. The apricot toilet roll holder is still in my car, and probably heaps more broken by now.

        You should keep your word Mike, your playing with fate there I’d say!

      • copy and paste the first half, finish the second half the title it ” ask dear Alison”

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I will actually do that. But I don’t know when, can you remind me in a few weeks time, cheerio!

  3. Wondering, wondering, are squid tubes exclusively for squid paste or can they substitute for other tubular packaging of varying types?

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