The poetry of motion, perhaps

Aimee Martinovic, Dancer
Music by Krusseldorf, Deep into the Bowl

8 responses to The poetry of motion, perhaps

  1. Quite enchanting, and also quite a coincidence too as I have just (slightly less than four hours ago in fact) been telling someone that she is a femme fatale. Jessie, are you related to the dancer may I ask?

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      If I was a guy, I wouldn’t go anywhere near a femme fatale. Newspaper headlines- terrorist attacks, mass murders, famine , femme fatale sightings.

      Yes, the dancer is my sister Aimee

  2. I wonder if they have the femme fatale within animal species…rodents for example. Shall have to think this through. That said I am left in awe of the video/backing track to the extent that I am lost for words.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Yes, rodents especially a plenty femme fatale… and in the next week or so mugs and T-shirts too! Glad you enjoyed the video, getting the timing right against the movement was a lovely challenge

      • I’ve given up my Google quest for rodent femme fatale’s…firstly there were no links then I was shocked the further I moved up the evolutionary scale. Dolphins – always a bit of a favourite of mine – are not always how they seem.

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