“I almost drank my gluestick whilst consuming the first fig of the season”

This is Ken. He has nothing to do with the above sentence, nor my unfortunate glue for coffee misidentification this morning. Ken shares joyous notes in harmonious sequences. The figs are great this year.

19 responses to “I almost drank my gluestick whilst consuming the first fig of the season”

  1. I was thinking of someone the other day, and absent-mindedly making a coffee. I noticed that I went to pour the contents of a newly-opened pack of Lavazza straight into my cafetière rather than the airtight tin. Granted, not the greatest disaster ever to have befallen humanity. I like figs with Greek honey and pistachio nuts, with the fruit cut open so it looks like a lotus flower.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Whats a cafetiere, the coffee machine? Also, how do you get the little mark above the e, always wanted to know that. The morning mind is always a delight to observe and witness for sure, I always walk into door sides & stub my pinkie on furniture nooks. Your fig preparation sounds yummo- both aesthetically and taste wise! I actually eat the whole fig, skin and all, they are the green skinned variety

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        ah ok, gotcha. Here we call them, coffee plungers. Thanks for the link, when I really want to use one, I was writing it in Word and then copy pasting it, yet the font never matched. I even tried to get away with using an apostrophe alongside some letters, starring at them for ages, and deleting them before I showed anyone my attempt.

      • ‘Coffee plunger’ is what I would’ve named them, but someone else gets to decide. The problem with MS Word is that it adds tons of code buried into everything you enter and funny things happen when you import/export as a result. WordPress used to tell people to avoid it, but I do all my articles in Word and then transfer to WP and it’s fine. I think WP were fighting a losing battle to had to put in the fix.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I just got this image in my head of a place with a big sign called ‘someone else’s’ and they are working away naming thing’s. The cryptics behind the so called simplicity of lettering, interesting indeedly!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Shock tactics perhaps? Unfortunately, that is what it takes for me to read something these days (all days since I was born). I’m lousy/lazy when it comes to reading. I’m glad you enjoyed it Stephen, thank you for your reflection!

  2. “I’m not a first timer though , in regards to glue tasting that is !” – Hahahahaha, most people just give sniffing it a go, you push the boundaries!

    – esme giving a fig upon the Cloud because she doesn’t like eating them at all and would probably prefer glue.

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