14 responses to voilà

  1. the hat’s on backwards and the shades are up on a sunny day, he’s on a woman’s single speed bike, he’s got a weed t-shirt on, sporting tattoo’s and all that’s o.k. But the black socks? That’s crazy…

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      His bag even tells everyone it’s a bag. I’m with you on the black sock, I mean, they are totally pushing the boundaries. This fellow was actually on my – quickly shoot to the side, the people I am stalking in front are about to turn around- shot. I think I said something like ‘hey!’ and this happened. Probably said ‘one more’ about 3-4 times and by then the people in front had eased, and I could get back to it. The ones in front, were in suits.

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