Shindo Rattler

2 responses to Shindo Rattler

  1. I am impressed by your design and engineering, both! Perhaps you could start a non-profit titled the “Japanese Earthquake and Seismic Society” (JESS) and distribute these to the population of Japan at large, with a reasonable return on investment. ☺ You, as founder and president, would naturally command a substantial salary.

    OK, really, this is one of my very favorites. 😀

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      oh, you have made me all warm and fuzzy. Thank you, I am so glad you like it. I just happened to chuck the skewer through the top latch, to get it off the bench, as the hooks kept getting caught on stuff. It is right near where I make my morning, hot beverage, usually coffee. That lovely, vacant morning mind, had me pondering it for a week or so. Then ‘hello, take photo of me’ -it didn’t say, but I felt like it did.

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