That taxidermy prawn

Nobody really knows who made the stiff prawn rendition. They probably do, although I haven’t bothered to ask. Not knowing things is nice, sometimes. Situated next to the bell, which is completely out of customer reach, I stare at it. I always stare at it. That taxidermy prawn. Three out of the four stare- at- it- always, stares, I touch it. The tiny speckles of spray paint; the crack down the middle, mended with a small portion of sticky tape, a few limbs missing. Wondering whether or not the prawn taxidermist ate the flesh of the prawn before, or after embarking on the process of rendering, it, the prawn, back to a state of semi-looking-alive-not-really-ness. Perhaps consumed with a little lemon and salt. A simple, stable, steady handed man. Was he a taxidermist from the beginning, or just a man who just ate a few prawns and came face to face with this grand miniature prawn epiphany? Or was it an avid, middle- aged, feminist knitter from the down south. Sitting, knitting the monotony of yet another floral scarf with androgynous colours, when her high school aspiration to be a sculptor broke through the brain matter, as that taxidermy prawn vision? Was their motive none other than to gain points with the boss, a future of discounts, on these highly prized crustaceans during the Christmas season? Or just a new year’s resolution to be more creative. Who knows, this taxidermy prawn could just be a resume.

The prawn is usually next to the customer bell that is out of customer reach, it does not have inbuilt robotics to assist with cash register sales. Exercising ones imagination is just as important as going for a walk. Not getting attached to those imaginings is just as important as doing a poo.


28 responses to That taxidermy prawn

  1. Ronny Martinovic

    I know Tony the taxidermed prawn, well (we go way back)
    His creator is somewhat hesitant in sharing the technique used
    What I can tell you though is that the meat was not consumed by a human

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Who named the prawn Tony? Or was that the creators name? Did his dog eat the meat?

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      It is definitely not the first name that came to mind, but I’m with you on its quality!

      • know what? It is brilliant. Forget anything fancier, names are important. AND in the middle of everything else today TONY has made it for me..for a first name, we need to get a second. This could prove harder. Hmm. I feel a hyphenated DE coming on. Tony De….. TILL, De cash register , whatever but it has big possibilities. x

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Actual hilarious, Tony De Till! Tony De Till, can I have a dolla? or thrice pence for something, probably a slice of cake later on, thanks Tony DE Till

  2. Sticky tape, no glue gun? Must have been a visionary who created this objet d’ art . It requires a certain intuitive understanding of “art of the one, true cosmos” to unearth the understated beauty you so ably captured.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      What a wonderful critique of Tony… I’ll send him your words of wisdom !

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