When posting from another computer, utilizing another’s kitchen, drawing somewhere else- there is much enjoyment in removal from known specifics. Utilizing what is within the space- utensil wise, photo wise, everything wise- as much a part of process as is the enjoyment of process, is.

The above photograph is by Aeron Martinovic, my so-called brother, who refers to me as Boomba. The name started as Boombana, then Boomba, and now alternatres between singular syllablye Boom and or the previously stated Boomba. He has never abbreviated less than that. We have tried to gather a historical reference as to the names origin, with little luck. Aeron presented me with this photo a few weeks ago, as stated below…

‘hey, I took a photo you may like’

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to post the photo, that I don’t just may like, but adore. Sitting writing this from his desk, whilst he is with Hope, encountering both, the perfect moment from either end of the spectrum.


6 responses to hope

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I guess we are all brothers and sisters really?

      Thanks for appreciating the photo, I thought you may like it!

      p.s that is the biggest emoticon I have seen ever

      • I imagine you were looking at the emoticon via your notifications area? For some weird reason they’re suddenly appearing about ten times normal size in mine too – doubtless a WordPress ‘initiative’ to emphasise what an emotive and expressive bunch we bloggers are.

        Yes, I do like Aeron’s picture a lot, and monochromatic abstract paintings and abstract photos generally draw me in for some reason. My brain finally learned how to resist its innate tendency to create order/patterns/meaning in visual forms, and then came to appreciate the discovery, after having lived with an abstract artist for a number of years.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Yes, gigantic emoticons, if they were any bigger, they would have been abstracted themselves!

        I too enjoy looking at abstract work, even though I tend to make fun of it all, and all of the art world for that matter. But there are a lot of people, who just make them for trendy fashion, with little if any backing history of even learning about colour, and or form.

        Painting a finished visual abstraction, personally though, doesn’t provide enough challenge for me. Although, the process of painting each layer, most definitely feels and looks abstract in the moment.

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