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Inspired by Gabriel Navar and his painting Trending now: Love life

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    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      In the newspaper, the other day, there was this guy on the front holding an eagle with the most intense look on his face. A fearless individual, most probably. Underneath was an article about how entrepreneurs, are making a living, living life to the fullest. Jumping out planes, interacting with exotic animals, connecting with humanities, and then again jumping out of planes. It did something to me, you could say, it took the adventure out of me. Oh, and I saw these cows in the paddock the other day- that did something too.

      • I see! Yes, well, I always think of these Bucket List adventurers and think I’d just as soon die not trying half these things. I call it my F*** it List.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        oh my , that is sensational, to say the least. It’s funny of all the things I’ve never won, this one time, I won a plane jump- gave it away. Scared shitless, an understatment.

      • My spotting speciality is stones with holes in them; or rather it was, as I gave up collecting them a number of years ago.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        How cool, given the terrain which is obviously more rocky, here it is more shelly. We have shells with tiny holes made by a slug, which is just enough to make a pendant from. I wonder how the holes got in the rocks, were they big or just small?

      • The biggest holey stones I collected could still fit into my hand, and weighed maybe a couple of pounds. Most were quite a lot smaller, happily sitting in the palm. In British witchcraft, stones with holes in them are used for healing, and the idea is to string them together and hang them by the doorway to one’s home for protection against disease. Over the years I collected as many as 300, but have given them all away now. Mostly, I collected from the so-called ‘Jurassic Coast’ which is the East Devon shoreline in the South-West of England. It’s an area known for fossils, but nonetheless, I would say at a wild guess only 1 in 5,000/10,000 stones have complete (straight through) holes in them, and of those, most are not that interesting. Once in a rare while, something beautiful or strange would be discovered, and those were the ones I was after. My brain seemed to attune to seeing potential candidates, and I would find my attention being drawn to a stone without knowing why, only to discover it had a hole in it – you should understand that the shoreline/beach is completely made up of stones, not sand and occasional stones, so how the brain was able to direct attention in such a specific way is itself quite mysterious, and something to do with liminal perception I suspect.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        How beautiful, what a wonderful insight into such a simple, yet seemingly complex thing as stone, thank you for sharing. What is liminal perception?

        A couple of days ago I actually found paper made from stone, it is completely waterproof and supposedly for tradespeople. The texture of it is strange, but interesting and you can’t rip it. I think it also has a bit of plastic embedded or something.

      • Liminal perception would be where an object is apperceived in the mind, but it is not yet known what it is, so no percept has been attached to it. Apperception is where new knowledge is assimilated in relation to old knowledge. Liminal perception stands on both sides of the border of consciousness.

        What happens is that the mind has directed attention to this unknown object (here, a stone), and therefore it knows it is of interest and has to some extent categorised it, but still that unknown object has yet to become represented in consciousness as a percept i.e. as a stone with a hole in it. The new object of knowledge (the attended to but not yet perceived stone) is being assimilated in relation to old knowledge (of other stones with holes in them).

        Attention is navigating itself around all the time of course, but there is never any agent directing it, although the mind erroneously thinks there is a ‘me’ doing so. At best, all there is, is volition directing attention, and yet we barely ever are aware of the volition, so that too is liminal i.e. straddling the borders of consciousness.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        That drew a clear diagram within mind, but I could re-read it a few more times. It sort of makes you think, then, where does the fear come into it all, when this is all it is?

  1. Jumping out of a plane versus observing the first bee of the year have a quick flit about my kitchen, think better of it, then flit off somewhere more promising…give me the bee any day.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I am with you, never can really understand why people have to assert their freedom via plane jumps. Of course you will feel something, it’s not all that natural to catapult yourself from such a distance, if at all, humane.

      • Yes, I await the return visit of the bee…someone in the café told me the Germans (well some I presume, not all) have taken to naked bungy jumping! Why?

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Hilarious, I often think why to a lot of thing’s, even have a Y on my car, so people ask why

  2. Jessie… thanks for your wit, creativity, and humor…. I appreciate what u do (and am honored that you referenced me)… best regards, G N

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Your so kind, thank you for your heartfelt comment Gabriel. Have a wonderful day painting 🙂

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