Mother Mary’s

Not only was Mary from House of Tomatoes matching the boxes surrounding the organic forms all mothers are supposed to enjoy, her name matched Mary, the previously unknown – now known – floral arranger at flowers for six dollars fence, Mary. Matching Mary suggested it takes quite a while to arrange the flowers this way, whilst latter Mary, six dollar fence Mary, revealed she just enjoys being outside. A clear reflection of her mostly dead, and on this day – hardly open – yet dried flowers. A personal touch, the sheet of red cardboard, scrunched around the stem base with no tie, had one of the Mary’s scoring excessive points within the aesthetic arena. Flowers were indeed purchased from both fences on this very monumental day of conformity.

Just after posting this, and looking at my notes, I realized the Mary not in the featured image was actually named Maria.


For a mum not named Mary

20 responses to Mother Mary’s

  1. Seems a bit parsimonious, doesn’t it, just giving mums one day out of 365? I think they should get 4 minutes every day, which is the equivalent of one mum’s day – plus exactly 20 minutes extra over the entire year. I’ve thought this through quite thoroughly. What would you do with your 4 mummy minutes Jessie?

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I like the word parsimonious. What a well thought out, calculated even, response to such a clear mother dilemma within our society!

      I’d just hug her for the whole four minutes, she gives the best (real) hugs in the world.

      Whats your mum like?

  2. Dead.


    No, she was great actually, really great. I never relied on her for anything as an adult, yet there was always that subtle sense that she was back there, at ‘home’, as a sort of sanctuary, or something like that. I didn’t fully realise until after she died that I’d really viewed her in that way, or to that level of significance. There was something very fundamental and primal going on there psychologically, and which I suspect is true for many, if not all, of us. The mother’s womb, after all, is our original home.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      oh, bless.

      Yeah, that is a lovely way to describe it. Our original home. Andy Warhol lived with his mother for his whole life!

      • I didn’t know that about Warhol. It seems that for most hetero men, they need to replace the hold of that psychological link with that of another woman. The whole thing can get messy, head-wise, and so we have men with Oedipus complexes and women looking for male partners as surrogate fathers. It seems that we, along with the rest of the animal world, evolved so as to develop outwardly and away from our parental bonding, yet there also appear to be remarkable numbers of human animals who do not.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        This topic is something I am quite passionate about actually. The whole ‘quick get out the nest with all your un-worked through issues, and go find another mummy and or daddy’. Only because I see it everywhere, and have personal experience in the exact same thing -would you believe?

        All around me, even just in my family, I see everyone on loops of the merry-go-round.

      • Yes, I would believe it; not because I know anything about you, but simply because it’s not so unusual – as you say, you “see it everywhere.” My brother is 70, and his girlfriend has only just turned 30; they’ve been together for over 8 years. In case your maths isn’t great, that’s a 62 year-old man with a 22 year-old girl. He’s easily old enough, in fact, to be her grandfather. As a statistical fact, one might say ‘so what, what’s age got to do with anything?’, but of course, there’s a story behind the statistic.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        how funny is it, how similar we all are, you would never have thunk it!

        As long as they both are happy. What do you think the story is behind that statistic?

      • The ‘story’ I was pointing to in this particular case, and in many others similar to it, is the absence of the father figure to the girl, who feels she still is in need of that archetype in her life. So we get the perceived need for a surrogate father, which I mentioned before. Sometimes that occurs due to bereavement, at others due to being held at a psychological/emotional distance, and yet others again due to absence of another kind – just not being there. You perhaps have some additional perspective on this?

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        No, that was very well explained. It is very true for a lot of women this issue. Story is a great word to adjoin to this, because however we are seemingly ‘damaged’ need not really matter, as long as we see the blimp and have a tool to clear the illusion of blimp. A lot of people are aware, yet have no tool.

        What are your thoughts on the man’s side of the story in regards to being with a younger girl?

      • The man’s side in this situation is in part very simple and obvious. A great many men find young women more sexually attractive; they can’t see beyond a blind evolutionary instinct to select a fertile woman, and youth signifies fertility. So, man is evolved to select youthful mating partners, to put it bluntly, and his lust is in part driven by these youthful appearances. That said, most men, most healthily developed and mature men, see sexual attraction and beauty in far wider terms.

        This mature attraction has ascended, to some extent, Diotima’s Ladder (this came up just a couple of days ago at Esme’s place, coincidentally – see the video below), and in so doing the progression in understanding goes from a primally evolved but ‘blind’ lust, to a highly subtle appreciation of beauty itself as a non-physical phenomenon. In so doing, the mature man comes to appreciate the woman (or man) as a whole being, and as a physical as well as psychical embodiment of beauty in all its forms.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Better worded than how I could have ever done. I was going to call it Peter Pan’s syndrome. Or just simply Aesthetics.

        So many little games being played out everywhere.

        Great video, love how the last words are ‘if your prepared to make the ascent’.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Heaven forbid she be called Brian. Cannot actually believe that I got the name wrong, becuase I was driving around to the separate fences thinking, yes (out loud), this is exactly the interesting link stories beg for. But flowers are still a connecting element, at least.

  3. […] is Home of Tomatoes and tomato-seller George; reflecting the House of Tomatoes, across the road, now sterile in terms of tomato produce. Further down this road; The Tomato Road (not The road to Fishland road) […]

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thank you, but I’m not sure there is a video here? Anyway, yes copy and use as you will soul gifts, feeling honoured at just the copied URL

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